How to use this site's new audio function

How to use this site's new audio function

  • Now you can upload audio clips to our website by following these steps:


Create content--->


Fill out the form and click submit!

You can even attach an image of the artist/speaker!

  • Not a musician? Wondering what kind of audio clip to attach? You can export the audio from a video clip, and you might even be able to record audio from your cell phone. If you have a recorder, then follow these steps:

Record audio--->

Email it to yourself (also great for cell phone photos)--->

Open the attachment in the email, which should be a .wav file, using iTunes (unless you need to edit it; in this case, use Audacity first and then move it into iTunes)--->

Click on the iTunes pull-down menu and choose "Preferences." Click "Advanced" at the top and "Importing," right below that. Next to "Import Using..." choose the MP3 encoder, and next to "Setting" choose "Custom" and make sure the sample rate is 11kHz. Then, select the file and convert it to an mp3 in the "Advanced" pull-down menu. Now, save it wherever you'd like and it's ready to be uploaded to the site!

If all you have is your cell phone, take some photos and make a slideshow by uploading the photos and audio into iMovie! Isn't it cool that you don't even need a videocamera to create an audiovisual story?