Mark Jaquith

Cambridge Massachusetts
Member, Ward One Democratic Committee, East Cambridge Planning Team and Association of Cambridge Neighborhoods. 35 year Cambridge resident, 29 year East Cambridge resident. Big issues: Environment, quality of life, open space, arts, good government. Most of what I care about falls under one or more of these headings.

Mark Jaquith's History

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As If It Were Already There I know, this isn't in Cambridge. Our stories are supposed to have a Cambridge connection. So why am... Published 5/12/15 7:19pm
S.T.E.A.M. In Cambridge On Monday May fourth, the Neighborhood and Long Term Planning, Public Facilities, Arts and... Published 5/5/15 1:42pm
Can We Build a New Bicycle... I recently attended a hearing held by the City Council's Transportation and Public Utilities... Published 4/14/15 10:59pm
Dismantling the School to Pris... I had the good fortune to be able to attend the talk given by Jay Blitzman on Tuesday March 23,... Published 3/24/15 4:39pm
Kids Court Is Now In Session! Beginning this Saturday, North Cambridge Family Opera will present Kids Court by David Bass and... Published 3/17/15 2:57pm
Avalanche at Simoni Rink in Ea... No injuries, said a Cambridge Police Officer at Simoni Rink. Snow avalanche off the roof might have... 2 Published 2/18/15 8:12pm
A Wander Through a Snowy East... The photo above was taken on Webster Street. There are some nicer ones in the slide show. 3 Published 2/10/15 5:31pm
The Legal Appeal of the Sulliv... The photo above (not the video) was taken from the rear window of my home on Hurley Street. The... 5 Published 2/8/15 9:06pm
Portland Loo Coming to Harvard... On June 18th the Cambridge Public works department held a public meeting on Harvard Square... 1 Published 6/19/14 3:05pm
Drifting Around on the Millers... One of the things that I like about living in East Cambridge is my proximity to the boat launch on... Published 6/18/14 11:25pm
Kenny Hill, The Spirit of Harv... I lost a friend a couple of weeks ago, and only just found out on Thursday. Just about anyone who... 2 Published 6/15/14 1:37pm
HTML Image layout LOREM IPSUM Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Not published 4/16/14 7:01pm
A Day at the Recount I spent most of Tuesday as an official observer of the City Council vote recount. Back in the day,... 1 Published 12/3/13 10:45pm
The Recount is on for City Cou... The City Council vote recount will begin on Monday December Second at 8:30 am at the Moore Youth... Published 11/28/13 12:37am
Party Under the Harvest Moon:... One million pounds of food. That’s the number that stuck with me after attending Food for Free’s... Published 10/26/13 12:34pm
A Clean Slate for Cambridge Three City Council candidates, all challengers, have just done something that we haven’t seen in... 1 Published 10/16/13 8:39am
Is Cambridge Ready for "N... On June 19th, 2013, A group of Cambridge residents submitted a petition to the City Council to... 1 Published 7/17/13 3:23pm
Snow in East Cambridge Februar... It's a fun and safe day so far. Thanks to my neighbor Peter Vellucci who cleared the whole block... 3 Published 2/9/13 10:11am
A New Pocket Park in East Camb... Public open space is always in short supply in a city as dense as Cambridge.To build an urban... Published 1/23/13 6:36am
Public Restrooms Coming to Nor... Today the groundbreaking ceremony for EF’s (Education First) new building on the Charles River was... Published 9/25/12 6:22pm
Guest Commentary: Register of... Photo of Registry of Deeds at 208 Cambridge Street My day job is being a title examiner, so I am... Published 9/4/12 5:30pm
Hungry Tiger Street Festival Last Saturday saw the second annual Hungry Tiger Food Festival held in Union Square, Somerville. I... Published 8/15/12 5:37pm
New Sights in East Cambridge I took a stroll to Northpoint Park yesterday to check on progress on the new North Bank Bridge that... 2 Published 3/22/12 12:14pm
MBTA Special Meetings in Cambr... The Cambridge City Council held a special meeting tonight, Feb 22 at City Hall to focus on the MBTA... Published 2/22/12 9:23am
Can We Stop the MBTA Train Wre... The City Council has called a special meeting to talk about the T funding problem in response to an... 1 Published 2/15/12 6:14pm
How Could the MBTA Funding Cr... Photo: "Lechmere with no buses" by Mark Jaquith By now if you haven’t heard that the MBTA has a... 1 Published 1/31/12 4:15pm
Affordable Housing or Pure Pro... For a year or so now the Chestnut Hill realty Corporation has been trying to pass amend the zoning... 2 Published 12/8/11 9:18am
City Council Balks on Pre-Elec... Approximate extent of proposed Fawcett Oil development. At the City Council meeting of October 17th... 1 Published 10/26/11 1:12pm
Why YOUR VOTE REALLY MATTERS i... Rooftop mechanicals and telephone building on Bent Street. Something woke me up at about 4:30am... Published 10/5/11 5:36pm
Winter Farmers' Market Co... Cambridge seems to love farmers’ markets. During the growing season, there’s one every day, some... Published 9/30/11 11:54am
Citywide Zoning Change Being C... Our City Council is poised to up-zone all residential areas of Cambridge. For example, the Armenian... Published 6/26/11 9:30am
North Cambridge Family Opera 2... Perennial favorite, the North Cambridge Family Opera opens its 2011 season with "Space Opera" on... Published 4/1/11 3:55pm
East Cambridge Open Space Trus... We will be asking our neighbors what they think East Cambridge needs in the way of open space... Published 3/17/11 11:02am
East Cambridge Open Space Trus... Photo of sculpture at Lopez Avenue Community Garden by Mark Jaquith Dear Neighbors, What would you... 2 Published 3/17/11 2:09am
Community Garden in North Camb... Do you like gardens? Do you like to meet your neighbors? A community garden is the Ideal place to... Published 2/28/11 1:30am
Envisioning the Future of Kend... Where: Broad Institute Auditorium 7 Cambridge Center Kendall Square When: Wednesday February 23,... Published 2/15/11 11:04am
Envisioning the future of Kend... The City of Cambridge recently issued a Request for Proposals for a design firm to come up with a... Published 2/15/11 10:43am
Renovated Hayden Planetarium t... Tuesday night I had the pleasure of being a guest at a preview of the new show at the Museum of... Published 2/9/11 1:08am
Is There Something in the Wat... The image is a portion of the Cambridge Community Development Department's neighborhood map. Is... Published 2/2/11 9:53pm
CCTV Signs Lease on New Studio... Word came out today that Cambridge Community Television has signed a lease on new studio and office... 6 Published 1/11/11 6:30pm
Open letter to legislators of... This letter has been sent to the town, city, and state legislators of Arlington, Belmont and... Published 12/6/10 10:33am
Money in Politics-A Matter of... Recently some of our City Councillors have been complaining about the effect of money in local... 2 Published 11/29/10 9:11am
Charles River Habitat Improvem... The wildlife in the Charles River might be getting a habitat upgrade soon. Mirant Kendall... 2 Published 11/7/10 10:33am
Autumn at North Point Park I took a stroll with the camera through one of my favorite spots in East Cambridge the other day.... 1 Published 11/4/10 12:13am
City Council Rescinds Sign Ame... The City Council rescinded the controversial zoning amendment on signs tonight. So for a while, at... Published 11/2/10 12:02am
Special Election Would Cost th... Welcome to Microsoft. Or Welcome to Cambridge? You might get to vote on the answer to that question... Published 10/31/10 5:40pm
New Linden Trees Planted at Mu... Twenty linden trees were planted in front of the Museum of Science this week. In January of this... Published 10/31/10 12:46am
No Challenges Filed to Save Ou... Election Commissioner Polyxane Cobb confers with City Solicitor Donald Drisdell during the... 2 Published 10/23/10 11:09am
Cambridge Reads: Mark Kurlansk... Each year the Cambridge Public Library's program "Cambridge Reads" chooses one book that it... Published 10/22/10 9:32pm
Election Commission Certifies... The photo shows election Commissioner Polyxane Cobb signing the certification document. The... Published 10/20/10 6:08pm