Kent Thompson

Cambridge MA

Thompson's History

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Disco Brats @ Dance Complex,... 1 Published 1/7/12 9:13pm
Club d'Elf w/ Hakmoun and... Club d'Elf w/ special guests Hassan Hakmoun, (vocals, sintir, percussion), Brahim Fribgane (oud,... Published 12/13/10 9:58pm
Brother Cokes & Co.,... 2 Published 9/26/10 12:40pm
Club d'Elf, "Africa... ThompsonLoM | August 31, 2010 Club d'Elf: Duke Levine (guitar), Kevin Barry (lap steel), Tom... Published 9/3/10 1:09pm
1st VOD Jazz Festival, Cambrid... Tom Hall (tenor sax); Rob Bethel (cello); Eric Hofbauer (guitar); Luther Gray (drums); Todd Brunel... Published 7/25/10 4:08pm
3rd Annual Men's Health B... 3rd Annual Men's Health Breakfast, Cambridge, MA. Mens Health League: Albert Pless, Jr., Henry... Published 7/8/10 5:38pm
Sunset over Harvard Square wit... A short film of the Sunset over Harvard Square 06-06-2010 (Kent Thompson). Music is "Last Scene of... Published 6/10/10 11:19pm
Wish Monkey (part 3) by Skrael... Part 3 of "Wish Monkey," a collaboration of Skraeling artists Bob Smith (wagemonkeyart), Nick... Published 5/11/10 1:28am
Wish Monkey (part 2) by Skrael... Part 2 of Wish Monkey, a collaboration of Skraeling artists Bob Smith, Nick Wyneken, Christine... Published 5/11/10 1:26am
Wish Monkey (part 1) by Skrael... Part 1 of Wish Monkey, a collaboration of Skraeling artists Bob Smith, Nick Wyneken, Christine... Published 5/11/10 1:20am
Meat Raffle, "Not Afraid... Meat Raffle perform their "I'm not afraid of a miracle" at the Brattle Theater benefit at Regent... Published 1/28/10 11:23pm
Fishtank Ensemble, "Samur... Fishtank Ensemble perform their "Samurai over Serbia" at Amazing Things Arts Center in Framingham... Published 1/24/10 8:54pm
Fishtank Ensemble, "Kolos... Fishtank Ensemble perform their "Kolos" dance suite at Amazing Things Arts Center in Framingham MA... Published 1/22/10 11:06pm
Fishtank Ensemble @ Amazing Th... Fishtank Ensemble perform a slow waltz of "O dewel" or the Romani Lord's Prayer at Amazing Things... Published 1/19/10 11:42pm
Duppy Conquerors (medley) @ Li... See the Duppy Conquerers Monday nights strarting Feb 2010 @ The Precinct in Union Square,... Published 1/6/10 7:19pm
Zinman, Cook, Clave, "It... Linda Clave (painter), Laurence Cook (drums, percussion table, casio keyboard), and Eric Zinman (... Published 10/29/09 2:07pm
Zinman, Clave, Voigt, Livolsi,... Eric Zinman (piano), Linda Clave (painter), John Voigt (bass), and Joe Livolsi (drums) perform "Boy... Published 10/29/09 2:04pm
Brookline Academy of Dance @ C... Published 3/23/09 9:14pm
Steffani Bennett @ 12 Dancers... Steffani Bennett performs "River" by Joni Mitchell, at the annual 12 Dancers Dancing show, Dance... Published 2/12/09 11:41pm
Brian Donnelly @ GuluGulu Cafe... Brian Donnelly performs at GuluGulu Cafe, Salem, MA, October 19, 2008. Published 11/2/08 7:05pm
Lo Galluccio @ GuluGulu Cafe,... Lo Galluccio covers "White Rabbit" with Ivan Korn. GuluGulu Cafe, Salem, MA, 10-19-08. Details to... Published 11/1/08 12:51am
Lindsay Mac @ Passim Lindsay Mac performing at her CD release show, Club Passim, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA, 10-03-... 1 Published 10/9/08 11:20pm
Disco Brats @ Dance Complex Disco Brats perform "Wish You Were Here." Choreography by Honey Blonder. Dancers: Honey Blonder,... Published 10/2/08 11:57pm
Jamie Caroline @ Squawk Leonar... Jamie Caroline performs Leonard Cohen's "First we take Manhattan" at the Squawk Coffeehouse... Published 5/13/08 11:35pm
James Christensen @ Squawk Leo... James Christensen performs Leonard Cohen's "I'm Your Man" at Squawk Coffehouse, March 13, 2008.... 1 Published 4/20/08 9:31pm
Ajda @ Squawk Coffeehouse Ajda the Turkish Queen performs at Squawk Coffeehouse, Leonard Cohen tribute, March 13, 2008,... Published 4/17/08 8:52pm
Lo Galluccio @ Squawk, Leonard... Lo Galluccio performs Leonard Cohen's "Chelsea Hotel" at Squawk Coffeehouse, Cambridge, MA, March... Published 4/17/08 8:47pm
Portia Brockaway @ Squawk Leon... Portia Brockaway performs "Suzanne" at Squawk Coffeehouse Leonard Cohen Tribute, Cambridge, MA,... Published 4/17/08 8:33pm
Walter Sickert and Edrie @ Squ... Walter Sickert and Edrie perform "Famous Blue Raincoat" at the Squawk Coffeehosue Leonard Cohen... Published 4/17/08 8:30pm
Jared Paul @ NorthBeast Grand,... Jared Paul performs at the 1st annual NorthBeast Grand Slam. AS-220, Providence, RI. December 2007... Published 4/1/08 11:54pm
Nathan Thompson @ Squawk Leona... Nathan Thompson performs a Leonard Cohen song at the Squawk Coffeehouse, Leonard Cohen Tribute,... Published 3/24/08 9:39pm
Lo Galluccio @ Squawk Lo Galluccio performs "Mona Lisa / Mozart's Wife" at the Squawk Coffeehouse in March 2007--from... Published 3/11/08 9:25pm
Jared Paul @ NorthBeast Grand... Jared Paul performs at the 1st Annual NorthBeast GrandSlam at the Providence Poetry Slam, AS-220,... Published 3/7/08 9:17pm
Darian Dauchan @ NorthBeast 1s... Actor / Spoken Word Artist Darian Dauchan performs his "Damn You, Barak Obama, You Pretty... 1 Published 2/23/08 6:39pm
Jared Paul @ NorthBeast Grand... Jared Paul performing at the 1st Annual NorthBeast GrandSlam. Dec 2007, AS-220, downtown... Published 2/20/08 8:36pm
Miss Tess & Bon Ton Parade... Miss Tess and the Bon Ton Parade @ the Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA 02138, October 2007. Published 2/3/08 9:11pm
Juan Prophet Organization @ Li... Juan Prophet Organization out of Murfreesboro, TN, performing their "Spanish Inquisition," and... Published 2/3/08 9:08pm
Emperor Norton's Stationa... Click To Play Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band @ Lizard Lounge, October 2007. Part of... Published 2/3/08 9:05pm
Todd Brunel, Messiaen's... Click To Play Todd Brunel performs the third... Published 1/12/08 4:52pm
Erlichman / Thomas @ BCAE (red... Click To Play Part 4 (of 4) from Cambridge Nights, episode 28. Shira... Published 11/5/07 10:02pm
Gibson / Rivera @ BCAE Click To Play Part 3 (of 4) from Cambridge Nights, episode... Published 11/5/07 1:22pm
Tom Daley @ BCAE Click To Play Part 2 (of 4) from Cambridge Nights, episode... Published 11/4/07 10:52pm
Erlichman / Thomas @ BCAE Click To Play Part 1 of Cambridge Nights, episode 28:... Published 11/3/07 6:45pm
Miss Tess @ Lizard: "Stor... Click To Play Miss Tess and the Bon Ton Parade perform originals and... Published 10/21/07 7:33pm
James McCoy @ BPS Cantab Click To Play James McCoy performs his "The years go fast ... and the... Published 10/19/07 1:48am
Club D'Elf @ Lizard Loung... About This Video Club D'Elf perform at Lizard Lounge in Cambridge on September 6, 2007. This two-... Published 9/25/07 12:39pm
Cambridge Nights channel playe... 2 Published 4/18/07 3:19pm
Sarah Woolf @ Burren Click To Play Sarah Woolf performs her "Remember" at Danielle Miraglia's... Published 4/16/07 11:17am
Beat Tree @ Dance Complex Click To Play Dance company Beat Tree perform The bird sings her sweet,... Published 4/14/07 10:53am
Ryk McIntyre Click To Play Ryk McIntyre performs his In God's Image @ the Boston... Published 4/11/07 10:21pm