Paul Steven Stone

Cambridge Residents Alliance , cambridge ma
Paul Steven Stone is a novelist/essayist living in Cambridge. Long a fixture in Boston area advertising, Stone most recently worked as Director of Advertising for W.B. Mason, whose iconic branding, "Who But W.B Mason!" Stone developed in 1986. Stone currently works as an independent advertising consultant, specializing in brand development. He is a member of the Cambridge Residents Alliance.

Paul Steven Stone's History

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"I Believe," A Praye... I believe more and more of us are learning to look beyond the surface of things, however, and what... Published 1/4/16 9:19am
WHY I REJECT THE UNITY SLATE (... (F-BOMB ALERT: The following satirical lyrics contain a thinly-disguised F-Bomb. Read at your own... Published 11/2/15 4:55pm
WHERE IS THE WOODWORTH REPORT? Many of us have been questioning whether the fast-tracking and approval of Mass & Main would... Published 10/31/15 8:31am
A CALL FOR RESIGNATION WHEREAS there has been undue financial influence brought to bear on the City Council’s... Published 10/22/15 5:07am
REFUSE IT OR RECUSE IT! There’s a cancer eating away at the integrity of our civic governance. And it begins, as it often... 3 Published 4/25/15 7:39am
Sobbing On The Subway He sits there alone on the subway seat, his body shaking from huge inconsolable sobs. A moment ago... Published 4/5/15 4:56pm
THE ECONOMIC CLEANSING OF CAMB... Money, Money, Money: The Three-legged Stool Of Cambridge’s Mad Dash Towards Gentrification Only in... 2 Published 3/24/15 1:23pm
THE ECONOMIC CLEANSING OF CAMB... When Jesus said “For ye have the poor with you always,” he wasn’t talking about Cambridge. Not... 3 Published 2/25/15 2:05pm
Traveling On A Runaway Bus I’ve been asked to speak about the need to elect a progressive city council. Which—to do that—... 1 Published 2/4/15 7:16pm
The Developers' Republic... Something smells rotten in Cambridge. The city is experiencing runaway development and explosive... Published 1/8/15 6:28pm
A Cheer-Up Letter From Rosie Dear Sister: I just had to write when I heard the news about you and Frank. Figured you might need... Published 12/28/14 7:53am
TRUTH IN REMISSION Was It A War Against Cancer Or A War Against The Truth? This is a tale about the War on Cancer. It’... Published 11/1/14 11:23am
BURY MY HEART AT THE SULLIVAN... We started out small in numbers. That’s how change often begins; first with a few diehard believers... Published 9/5/14 8:35pm
Dear Abby: "We Tried To B... Dear Abby: This is very painful to talk about, but I need some guidance. Last Tuesday a group of... Published 8/7/14 3:55pm
From The Secret Files of the M... April 27, 2007 To: John J. O’Brien, Commissioner From: William H. Burke III, Deputy Commissioner Re... Published 7/23/14 5:03pm
"Bowling Boys" Score... Dorchester, MA—Being accused of insider trading apparently doesn’t do much for your bowling game.... Published 7/17/14 9:06am
WHO BUT! A Dream Or A TV Commercial? I dreamt last night I was at Fenway Park. The Red Sox were on one of... Published 7/14/14 11:31am
My Declaration of Interdepende... WE THE PEOPLE of the free and independent United States herby declare our interconnectedness and... Published 7/5/14 1:26pm
FROM THE SECRET FILES OF THE M... February 14, 2010 FROM: John J. O’Brien, Commissioner TO: James Joseph “Whitey” Bulger, Jr. ADDRESS... Published 6/3/14 9:45pm
Alan Ladd in Cambridge, Part I Alan Ladd lights his cigarette. The smoke rises up in a lazy curl, lending a softness to his... Published 5/29/14 2:24pm
Courthouse Outrage The Following letter by Seth Teller was sent to our city councilors. I reprint it here, with... Published 5/20/14 4:59pm
Do We Need More Than A Master... Charles Teague, that indefatigable Cambridge activist, has written a letter to the Cambridge... 2 Published 4/28/14 3:49pm
Open Letter To The Republican... Dear Elephant Men: Hey guys? You know we're watching you, right? And no matter how many times you... Published 4/25/14 7:37am
My Comments On The Need For a... ( A little background. After running for city council on a platform calling for meaningful city... Published 4/15/14 7:30am
Councilors Make Bold Bid To Sa... Cambridge, MA — Fearing the ecological and financial damage an honest Master Plan might bring to... Published 4/6/14 7:53am
Why We Should Scrap K2C2 And S... In case you haven’t noticed, the residents of Cambridge are fed up! They’ve had their fill of the... 1 Published 3/27/14 7:56pm
Tales From An Overheated Plane... What the hell have we been doing? How could we have allowed things to get this bad? How could we... 3 Published 3/19/14 1:50pm
Can We Just Send Finneran The... Representative Thomas Finneran will go down in local history for a variety of egregious acts... Published 2/28/14 8:17am
I Am A Ukrainian How can you not stand up and cheer at what we’ve just witnessed in Eastern Europe? To see an entire... Published 2/23/14 7:43pm
Backstage At The Universe Over thirty years have passed since that summer’s day in late August. A day when sweat stained... Published 2/21/14 4:37pm
Why The Cambridge Residents Al... Almost a year has passed since my essay, “Why The Cambridge Residents Alliance Matters,” (http://... Published 1/31/14 6:24pm
On This Island In Space I believe we have much to be hopeful about as we enter 2014, though on the surface of things it may... Published 12/31/13 8:15am
Glimpses of the Heart Somewhere long ago he hid his heart on the moon. And afterwards, through the years, he watched it... Published 11/11/13 9:23am
Who I'm Voting For This... Who I’m Voting For On Tuesday… First, to save time and energy, let me present my ABH voting list (... Published 11/2/13 8:39pm
Cambridge Residents Alliance E... Here is the notice sent out by the Cambridge Residents Alliance: DENNIS CARLONE FOR CITY COUNCIL!... 1 Published 10/29/13 4:16pm
Political Terrorism One-On-One What’s the difference between Al Quaeda and the Republican Party? Quite a lot, as it turns out.... Published 10/12/13 8:17am
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The Ugly Americans To: The United States of America From: The Republican Party We have kidnapped your legislative... Published 9/21/13 10:05am
Cambridge Residents Alliance R... As a member of the Cambridge Residents Alliance, I'm proud to present our platform for a livable,... Published 9/12/13 1:44pm
Cambridge Changes Name Again.... Expect Delays!, MA (formerly Cambridge, MA): In a surprise move, once again agreed upon in Remote... Published 9/10/13 12:44pm
LETTER FROM THE MASS PIKE EXTE... The Honorable Rick Scott Governor of Florida State House Tallahassee, Florida Dear Governor Scott:... Published 8/26/13 1:47pm
Shut Up and Eat Your Vegetable... “Hey Ma, I can’t eat this ear of corn. It’s as big as my Tom Brady autographed football. Is this... Published 8/13/13 1:08pm
Lady Liberty Paralyzed With El... For those who remember her as a symbol of vibrant democracy and American virtue, the recent... Published 7/29/13 12:33pm
Beauty Or The Beast In Central... The photo accompanying this essay is as close to a Rorschach test as any you might find. It shows... Published 7/24/13 6:16pm
Cambridge Changes Name to “Exp... Expect Delays!, MA (formerly Cambridge, MA): In a surprise move for which there is no historical... Published 7/8/13 5:48pm
DECLARATION OF INTERDEPENDENCE... WE THE PEOPLE of the free and independent United States hereby declare our interconnectedness and... Published 6/24/13 5:38pm
MY SPY: A Modern American Love... "I fell in love, it's as simple as that. "You get that, I'm in love? "Though I'm also at my wit's... Published 6/17/13 1:19pm
All We Are Saying: Give Cambri... (Sung to the Tune "Give Peace A Chance) Ev'rybody's talkin' 'bout
 F.A.R.’S, lots of cars, noisy... 2 Published 6/7/13 3:40pm
SUGAR-COATED GENTRIFICATION: C... Let’s think of them as “misguided.” If people’s assertions are to be believed—and I’d love to be... Published 5/20/13 3:46pm
SURVIVOR CAMBRIDGE Part 2 Outw... Episode 2: Sugar-Coated Gentrification Hello, and welcome back to Survivor Cambridge, the TV show... Published 5/14/13 5:08pm