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New Organizational Rep. Sign-u... Organizational Representative Members are Access Members that join through an organization. This is... Published 5/19/08 9:10pm
New Access/Affiliate Membershi... New Member Sign-up All new members must complete their membership form and sign the agreement to... Published 5/19/08 8:27pm
Orientation and Class Attendan... Orientation Policies and Practices A free Orientation session is required for Access Members prior... Published 5/16/08 5:27pm
Orientation outline Preparation ORIENTATION OUTLINEVIDEO ATTENTION GRABBER 10 min.?6:30PMINTRODUCTIONS 5 min.TONIGHT'S... Published 5/16/08 5:16pm
How I See the World by Kathy G... A short video on the art show "How I See the World" by artist and photographer Kathy Getchell. The... Published 4/9/08 5:18pm
Paintings by Maria Marx Artist Maria Marx discusses her oil paintings of boats and trees, on display in Cambridge Community... Published 4/9/08 4:44pm
Agassiz Baldwin Community Agassiz Baldwin Community (ABC), also known as Agassiz Neighborhood Council, is a non-profit... Published 2/22/08 6:17pm
CRLS Student Photo Show A selection of photos by student photographers at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School. Their work... Published 1/15/08 4:18pm
Ants: Artwork by Kari Ryder Wi... Kari's digital ant-themed artwork will be on display at the Cambridge Community Drive By gallery... Published 1/9/08 6:50pm
Addenda (Open-Ended Survey Res... The responses to the open ended questions on the survey yielded some great stuff! I've compiled and... Published 11/29/07 12:07pm
MAO Web Survey - Site Navigati... This report analyzes survey responses relevant to website navigation and layout issues, as well as... Published 11/27/07 5:25pm
Free Orientation & Tour What: FREE Orientation and Info Session Where: CCTV, 675 Mass Ave, Central Sq. (entrance is off... Published 11/14/07 12:05pm
Nov. 6th Cambridge Municipal E... Abridged results showing the unofficial winners below. More complete results available at... Published 11/7/07 11:59am
MAO Web Survey Materials For members of the MAO Committee and any other interested folks, I'm posting results of the survey... Published 10/23/07 4:47pm
Don't Think, but Look An interview with Cambridge teacher/artist Ellen Grabiner on her work based on the writings of... Published 9/20/07 8:33pm
Zip Docs - Women's Commun... The Women's Community Cancer Project Mural lives on Church St. in Cambridge, MA. But is it in the... 1 Published 8/30/07 4:30pm
Progressive TEST testy testy Published 8/27/07 5:01pm
Results from the CCTV Web Surv... Thanks to everyone who participated in the recent CCTV survey on internet use, our website, and... Published 8/22/07 2:50pm
Beyond the Shadows of Stigma The exhibit "Beyond the Shadows of Stigma" contains photographs taken by students in a photovoice... Published 8/20/07 2:42pm
Graphic Satire by Maurice Ande... An interview with Maurice Anderson, comic artist and satirist from Cambridge, MA. His show "Graphic... Published 8/20/07 2:24pm
CCTV Public Orientation Monday... What: FREE Orientation and Info Session at CCTV Where: CCTV, 675 Mass Ave, Central Sq. (entrance is... Not published 8/3/07 1:47pm
Summer Media Institute @ Zumix This week Cambridge youth from CCTV’s Summer Media Institute (SMI) made a trip over to East Boston... Published 7/19/07 4:45pm
CCTV Conversations with Lloyd... CCTV Conversations - Lloyd Smith is part of a series produced by John Donovan that earned top... 1 Published 7/18/07 9:36pm
Producer Profile - Yves St. Pi... Yves St. Pierre is a familiar face around CCTV, and in his time at the station he has been a... 1 Published 7/16/07 7:05pm
Spring Affair on 'CCR Meet DJ Mojavi, host of "Spring Affair" on WCCR (Cambridge Community Radio), and take a look inside... Published 7/6/07 2:17pm
Tell Us How You Really Feel! We want to hear from you! As we prepare for the next re-design of this website we want to ensure... Published 7/1/07 12:22pm
FCC Goes Local in Maine (photo: Adam Franco) The Federal Communications Commission is holding an open meeting this Thursday... Published 6/26/07 7:50pm
A Community Artist @ CCTV A digital story about Cambridge artist Elizabeth Belstraz. Her show "Zen Monoprints" will be at the... Published 5/24/07 11:22am
Magic People: "Pigeon... Remember the days of yore, when people were magic and so were the mushrooms? Well, this cohort of... Published 5/3/07 1:16pm
Zip Docs - East Cambridge 1852 CCTV just completed its second installment of ZIP DOCS: 021XX. This time were focusing on a public... Published 4/28/07 1:11pm
Website Survey Draft #3 Hey folks, I reordered questions and added one, also fleshed out possible responses. Comments and... Not published 4/23/07 4:17pm
AP Article Highlights Importan... An AP article published widely in California papers earlier this week underlined both the... Published 4/12/07 2:31pm
Skulls by Adriana Prat & K... Watch this interview with Adriana Prat & Karin Koch about their work and the exhibit Skulls.... Published 4/3/07 4:44pm
Cambridge Public Health: Domes... This PSA for the Cambridge Public Health Dept. was produced at CCTV's 2006 PSA Day. The 2007 PSA... Published 3/23/07 3:43pm
Best Buddies PSA This PSA for Best Buddies was produced at CCTV's 2006 PSA Day. For information on how to sign-up... Published 3/23/07 3:34pm
Capoeira in Central square This Award winning video is a kick in the gut. We take you inside the Brazilan martial art of... Published 3/22/07 2:11pm
You are Here: Weather This award winning video is a wet and wild look at something that effects all of us The weather.... Published 3/22/07 2:03pm
Holland Fernald Outlook This Award winning video that looks at the human issues associated with war and the toll that it... Published 3/22/07 1:51pm
Marta Gomez "Seis" In one interview, Marta recounted that it was only after leaving her native Colombia and coming to... Published 3/22/07 12:51pm
Three Kings: "Shine" III Kings inaugurated the Bandwidth TV series and hold a special place in the Bandwidth pantheon.... Published 3/22/07 12:43pm
JT and the Dirty Truth: "... Fellas, keep an eye on your ladies... JT is in town and his smooth brand of neo-soul will keep... Published 3/22/07 12:34pm
Sara Brindell: "How Come... Sarah Brindell is a singer-songwriter and also teaches at Berklee College of Music. She sang a... Published 3/22/07 12:17pm
Zili Misik: "Guadeloupe... "Zili Misik is an 8-piece ALL FEMALE band that performs dance and roots music of the African... Published 3/22/07 12:09pm
The Big Disappointments:... TBD's swampabilly sound and rockabayou swagger will kick you in the rear and you'll like it. Here... 1 Published 3/22/07 11:58am
My Little Radio: "Leave t... My Little Radio has a big sound. This band has catchy hooks, good looks, and the musicianship to... Published 3/15/07 12:13pm
Between the Lines Between the Lines, a video by CCTV members Mike Farino and Jake Styles, was selected as a finalist... Published 3/15/07 11:56am
Un Encuentro con Centro Presen... LEFT: Jessica Durrum, Assoc. Director, Centro Presente & Eli Kao, CCTV Membership Coordinator... Published 3/9/07 11:23am
Bistable Percept by Rachel Mel... A video by Amy Mertl on painter/sculpter Rachel Mello and her work, which she calls "playing with a... Published 3/8/07 4:49pm
Une Artiste Favorable A short video by Amy Mertl and David Zermeno featuring artist Marie Rose Cherubin, who showed her... Published 3/2/07 5:45pm
You Are Here - Papercut Zine L... In the internet age, the paper-and-staples, DIY zine scene is a breath of fresh air. (Or is it air... Published 2/12/07 12:45pm