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Online: Person Documentary Sto... This two-session course explores the exciting possibilities of personal documentary storytelling.... Published 5/23/22 7:30pm
In-Person: Outdoor Photography This course will explore the magic that is photography through making photos outdoors. We will talk... Published 4/20/22 4:58pm
In-Person: Community Podcastin... Join a podcasting team with your classmates for immersive, hands-on learning that results in a... Published 4/7/22 3:43pm
In-Person: Intro to Digital Ph... This class provides a comprehensive foundation to digital photography. This course is perfect for... Published 4/7/22 1:59pm
In-Person: Intro to Podcasting Are you interested in producing a podcast at CCTV? Fall in love with this unique/creative platform... Published 4/6/22 5:06pm
Online: Crash Course on Comedy... This class will focus on the basic fundamental steps for beginners looking to start comedic... Published 3/31/22 3:19pm
In-Person: Script in Progress... This workshop is tailored for writers with short or feature screenplays in progress ready to be... Published 3/31/22 3:07pm
Online: SEO & Google Analy... Did you know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for nonprofits is the process of optimizing your... Published 3/31/22 2:51pm
Online: How to Be a Social Med... In this class you’ll learn the latest tips and tricks on how to build and connect with your social... Published 3/31/22 2:07pm
Online: Squarespace: Building... We will create a modern, unique website featuring the basics of this powerful platform. In this... Published 3/31/22 12:26pm
Online: Songwriters Circle Come write songs in community ! Share your work and get feedback in a supportive environment.... Published 3/29/22 11:20am
Online: Community Journalism V... Produce a 3 to 5-minute short narrative documentary that focuses on a member of your local... Published 3/24/22 10:58am
In-Person: Getting to Know Our... In this session, we will learn the basics of CCTV's new camcorders, the Canon XA45. Participants... Published 2/16/22 12:19pm
In-Person: Getting to Know Our... In this session, we will learn the basics of CCTV's new vlogging camera, the Sony ZV-1.... Published 2/16/22 12:16pm
Haz mejores videos con tu smar... Cuando pensamos en grabar videos de buena calidad, creemos que es necesario equipo especializado y... Published 1/12/22 2:14pm
Maximizing Google Meet for CCT... In this class we will review the basic functions of Google Meet and explore some functions that can... Published 1/10/22 12:33pm
Online: Presenting Yourself Li... In this online class, participants will learn industry standards for presenting in front of a... Published 1/4/22 11:48am
Online: Mastering Audio Master... In this class I'll be walking you through a live demo on best practices and helpful tips and tricks... Published 12/21/21 12:31pm
Entwodiksyon nan konsepsyon gr... Ki sa ki konsepsyon grafik? Se konsepsyon grafik defini kòm "atizay la ak pratik nan planifikasyon... Not published 12/21/21 12:09pm
Clase en línea: Fotografía de... Está interesado en aprender cómo convertirse en fotógrafo o mejorar sus habilidades? Si no tiene... Published 12/20/21 3:40pm
In Person: Staff Supported Stu... Interested in studio production? Come learn the workings of CCTV’s production studio and brush up... Published 12/6/21 3:51pm
Online: For CCTV Live Producer... You're hosting a show on CCTV - awesome! Now what? This class will explore ways to promote your... Published 12/6/21 3:42pm
Online: Digging into the Dat... In this workshop, we will learn where to find and how to read the insights and analytics of a few... Published 12/6/21 3:34pm
Online: Podcast Editing Master... Have you ever wanted to make a conversation sound interesting ? Come join us for a Podcasting... Published 12/6/21 3:25pm
Online: Advocacy Journalism fo... Are you an advocate and you want more people to learn about your cause? Learn some of the best and... Published 12/1/21 1:00pm
Online: Solutions Journalism So often, journalism focuses on what's wrong. But what are some solutions being implemented that... Published 12/1/21 12:57pm
Online: Movement Journalism The Southern media collection, Press On, defines movement journalism as "journalism in service to... Published 12/1/21 12:49pm
An pèsòn: Design grafik / In-... Ki sa ki konsepsyon grafik? Se konsepsyon grafik defini kòm "atizay la ak pratik nan planifikasyon... Not published 10/21/21 6:13pm
Videography an Creole/Vin Apra... Class la ap eksplore fason pou jwenn eksperyans ak konesans pou komanse nan videography. Nou pwal... Published 10/15/21 12:30pm
Introdução à Escrita para Com... Esta aula se concentrará nas etapas básicas fundamentais para iniciantes que desejam começar a... Published 10/12/21 5:01pm
Clase en línea: la fotografía... Fotografías hay muchas, demasiadas, las consumimos tan rápido que a veces no las observamos.... Published 10/11/21 5:51pm
Online: Creative Audio 4: Comp... Let's have fun with sound ! In this class we’ll be doing a live demonstration on mixing a song. 1... Published 9/22/21 5:57pm
Online: Animating with Procrea... Learn the basics of 2D, frame-by-frame animation with ProCreate for the iPad. This class is broken... Published 9/22/21 5:03pm
In-Person: Introduction to Scr... This is a class in two sessions each geared toward getting you ready for your first day on set. The... Published 9/22/21 4:52pm
In-Person: Outdoor Studio Prod... Gain experience filming a live event outdoors using professional equipment and production... Published 9/16/21 5:44pm
In-Person: Writing the LGBTQ S... This screenwriting workshop is designed to provide a safe space exclusively for queer and/or trans... Not published 9/14/21 11:25am
Online: Email Marketing 101 fo... This class will explore best practices in email marketing. We'll be using MailChimp as the platform... Published 9/14/21 11:11am
Online: Creative Audio 3: Comp... Let's have fun with sound ! In this short interactive course I will guide the class through some... Published 9/14/21 10:56am
Online: Creative Audio 2: Synt... Let's have fun with sound ! In this class we’ll learn how to customize a sample project to make a... Published 9/14/21 10:42am
Online: Creative Audio 1: Loop... Let's have fun with sound ! In this class we’ll learn loops, note input, and arrange window by re-... Published 9/14/21 10:03am
Online Lunchtime Lecture: Foun... In this class we’ll explore the basic principles of documentary cinematography. Students will learn... Published 9/10/21 1:51pm
Online: Awesome Social Media S... Figuring out how to make your business stand out on social media can be overwhelming. In this... Published 9/10/21 1:26pm
Clase en línea: Imágenes cine... En esta clase analizaremos varias escenas de películas para discernir que elementos de esas... Published 5/5/21 2:46pm
Online: Videography Basics - U... In the class we will explore the basics of understanding the importance of shutter speed in... Published 4/29/21 11:46am
Online: Cell Phone Video Produ... In this three session class you'll learn how to set up your device for filming, acquire the skills... Published 4/29/21 11:37am
Online: Digital Storytelling f... You've completed the production phase for your digital story, and now it's time to edit! This class... Published 4/28/21 2:28pm
Online: Digital Storytelling f... You have a great script for a digital story, but how will you produce it without leaving home?... Published 4/28/21 2:20pm
Online: Digital Storytelling f... Every organization has a story - the hard part is figuring out how you want it told. There are many... Published 4/28/21 2:11pm
Online: Planning and Schedulin... In this class you'll learn best practices for reaching your audience on social media through... Published 4/28/21 11:23am
Online: Intro to Electronic Mu... Subcentral & Cambridge Community Television Present: Intro to Electronic Music and Ableton This... Published 4/27/21 10:42am