Helen Kobek

Cambridge MA
Helen Kobek is an eclectic, award-winning author/writer whose coverage includes social connection, relationship with nature, disability, and health. Her book Everyday Cruelty: How to Deal with Its Effects without Denial, Bitterness, or Despair (2014) was inspired by her awareness of the prevalence of addiction and social strains in humanity, and is an offering of hope for the betterment of our lives. Her diverse essays have appeared and been featured in magazines and newsletters with both national and local readership. Helen kobek received her B.S. degree in Communication Disorders from Emerson College (Boston, MA), became an expert phonetician, and for decades has used her education as an accent modification instructor, teaching people from all over the world how to be understood. She lives in Cambridge, MA with her spouse Jules Kobek, and enjoys her free time being in nature, hosting improv comedy game events, and advocating for local trees.

Helen Kobek's History

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