Ella Greely

Cambridge MA
Bay Area Native -California, USA.

Ella's History

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24 Hours in Cambridge: The Art... Check out the 24 Hours in Cambridge webpage! www.cctvcambridge.org/24hours Project Details: Be a... Published 2/26/19 4:29pm
This Week on TV: The Theme fro... NEW MEMBER PRODUCED PROGRAMMING New Sound & Vision episodes this week, by Beth Redmond Walsh.... Published 2/20/19 11:00am
This Week on TV: Discovering H... NEW MEMBER PRODUCED PROGRAMMING Boss Lady News - New England Jams Michael Reyes 60 Minutes of New... Published 2/19/19 10:54am
This Week on TV: She Digs It! NEW MEMBER PRODUCED PROGRAMMING She Digs It! Camila Chaves and The Big Dig Anne Smith Camila Chaves... Published 2/5/19 12:41pm
24 Hours in Cambridge |The Art... Submit Your Video: By using the Google form HERE! 24 Hours in Cambridge is a short film project... Published 1/30/19 3:27pm
24 Hours TEST PAGE TEST PAGE T... 24 Hours in Cambridge |The Art of the Everyday Ella Greely, Programming Coordinator at CCTV,... Not published 1/14/19 5:13pm
This Week on TV: Build The Fai... Basket Starfish Sarah Sim S. Chiu Power Point and photo lectures to explain a new language theory... Published 12/17/18 11:35am
2018 Midterm Election Resist and Persist: Live Election Coverage Hosted by Bryan Sutton on CCTV Channel 9 from 9PM - 11PM... Published 11/6/18 4:23pm
This Week on TV: Special Hallo... New on CCTV Channel 8 this week! New From our Members CCTV Primetime! Beginning Studio Production... Published 10/30/18 11:07am
This Week on TV: The Immigrant... Programs on CCTV This Week! New Member Produced Programming Basket Starfish - Our Language CORE... Published 10/22/18 1:00pm
CCTV Featured Podcasts City Councillors Alanna Mallon and Sumbul Siddiqui talk about issues and events in Cambridge.... Published 10/1/18 1:51pm
Soonish Podcast Channel 8 Monday @ 9:00AM & Thursday @ 1:00PM Published 10/1/18 12:42pm
No Jargon Podcast Channel 8 Tuesday @ 9:00PM, Thursday @ 10:00AM, and Saturday at 3:30PM Episode 170: Guest Show -... Published 10/1/18 12:39pm
Greater Boston: An Audio Drama... Channel 8 Monday @ 1:30PM & Sunday @ 6:00PM Published 10/1/18 12:36pm
Generation Savage Podcast Channel 8 Monday @ 10:30AM & Thursdays @ 2:30PM Generation Savage Tamar Talk Ft. Ella Part 1... Published 10/1/18 12:28pm
This Week on TV: Political Int... PREPARATION FOR THE SEPTEMBER 4TH PRIMARY!!! Greater Somerville Interviews Produced by Somerville... Published 8/28/18 3:35pm
This Week on TV: Brand New Pro... New Member Produced Programs WATCH: On Channel 8 Protest - The EMF Kids Wont Back Down by... Published 8/6/18 2:50pm
This Week On TV! Middlesex Cou... Middlesex County District Attorney & Governor's Council Candidate Debate Produced by... Published 7/30/18 7:23pm
This Week on TV: Lives in Limb... New Member Produced Programs WATCH: On Channel 8 In and Out of the Box Arthur Goodridge 1) 24... Published 7/23/18 1:24pm
This Week on TV: Free Point Ho... New Member Produced Programs WATCH: On Channel 8 It's Never Too Late To Have A More Loving... Published 7/15/18 8:59pm
This Week on TV: Berkshire Fir... New Member Produced Programs WATCH: On Channel 8 Mahogany Expression Emmanuel Vincent This... Published 7/10/18 11:06am
This Week on TV: Updates in Lo... New Member Produced Programs WATCH: On Channel 8 Clean Frame Sara Pagiaro Visual poem dedicated... Published 6/29/18 3:21pm
New Ways to watch CCTV! CCTV is now on Apple TV! https://www.appannie.com/en/apps/ios/app/cambridge-community-television/... Published 6/28/18 12:24pm
This Week on TV: Member Produ... New Member Produced Programs WATCH: On Channel 8 Podcasts, Podcasts, Podcasts! My Life After... Published 6/25/18 4:23pm
This Week on TV: Updates on EM... New Member Produced Programs WATCH: On Channel 8 Designing Reality A book signing and talk by... Published 6/15/18 5:28pm
This Week on TV: Some messages... New CCTV Staff Produced Programs WATCH: On Channel 8 Each year, during PSA DAY, CCTV records 30... Published 6/11/18 12:24pm
This Week on TV: A weekend mar... Tune in on channel 9 for CCTV's Weekend Marathon individuals in the LGBTQ+ Community Friday 6 PM... Published 6/1/18 3:28pm
This Week on TV: 30th Annivers... Watch the Best of the Best from CCTV's archives! 30 Years of TV in the next 30 weeks! Channel 8... Published 5/25/18 3:55pm
This Week on TV: Soonish Podc... New CCTV Staff Produced Programs WATCH: On Channel 8 Marjorie Decker Town Hall Forum Tuesday -... Published 5/10/18 2:28pm
This Week on TV: New England... New Member Produced Programs WATCH: On Channel 8 River Festival Open Mic 2018 by Wayne Robinson... Published 5/10/18 2:26pm
This Week on TV: Special Live... New Member Produced Programs WATCH: On Channel 8 CCTV Live Recording "Juicing" with Roseann... Published 5/7/18 12:24pm
30th Anniversary Programming M... Cambridge Community Television is celebrating 30 incredible years serving the city of Cambridge!... Published 4/30/18 2:31pm
This Week on TV: Shekinah Wome... Memorial Day 2017 WATCH: On Channel 8 Tuesday May 1st, 7 PM Wednesday May 2nd, 11 AM Thursday May... Published 4/30/18 11:23am
This Week on TV: Ringing in Sp... Revel Spring Sing Revels music director Megan Henderson hosts this joyful family celebration of... Published 4/23/18 11:39am
This Week on TV: Music Is Heal... This Week on Channel 8 Word Sound Life A platform for local artists, singers, and musicians. Every... Published 4/18/18 11:29am
This Week on TV:A People Witho... A People Without A Land | Eliyahu Ungar Tuesday / Thursday 5 PM, Friday/ Sunday 10 PM A People... Published 4/3/18 6:48pm
This Week on TV: What's G... What’s Going On At The Lily Pad| Kristina Kehrer The Lilypad from Kristina Kehrer on Vimeo.... Published 3/23/18 2:44pm
Watch CCTV's Live Stream... Live from Washington, D.C. This event created, inspired and led by students will feature voices of... Published 3/23/18 11:05am
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This Week on TV: Podcasts and... This Week on CCTV: TV Highlights March 12 - 18 Alex Dewart, a notable CCTV producer is back at it... Published 3/12/18 12:39pm
This Week on TV: This Week on CCTV: TV Highlights March 5 - 11 Watch the first episode of Kristina Kehrer's new... Published 3/5/18 1:10pm