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CCTV Featured in Benton/UMass... The Benton Foundation in collaboration with UMass Boston's Community Media and Technology (CMT)... 1 Published 7/20/07 4:11pm
CCTV's Zip Docs 02139: Th... This installment of ZIP DOCS profiles David Fichter, the painter responsible for the incredibly... Published 7/14/07 12:53pm
Kangding Click To Play Shot in a hospital in Kangding China. Published 7/3/07 1:01pm
Ant Documentary "Ant People" is an 18-minute documentary about the quirky experts who study ants and the parallels... 1 Published 6/28/07 2:49pm
Jiuzhaigou Click To Play Shot in an orphanage in Jiuzhaigou China.... Published 6/28/07 11:45am
Ants Documentary Screening ANTS Documentary Screening Thursday, June 28 Reception starts at 7pm Run Time: 15 minutes In a dark... Published 6/27/07 11:50am
Documenting the Childrens... On June 9th, 2007, I will be flying to Chengdu on behalf of Handreach's special project, The... Published 6/8/07 4:15pm
How to Effectively Use Shot Va... Videos are starting to trickle in for and we've got the latest installment. You'... Published 5/24/07 2:37pm
Markey on YouTube on Hurley an... YouTube has been a blessing and a curse for community television stations. Repeatedly, community TV... Published 5/23/07 5:02pm
How to Make a Screenshot (Than... We've been slacking in the "How to..." tutorials department. What have we been doing? We've been... 1 Published 5/23/07 4:22pm
Ants Documentary Teaser Traile... Cambridge Community Television's Project Documentary class brings an exciting sneak peak at a... 1 Published 5/18/07 2:06pm
A Video Response to My "Y... Colin Rhinesmith, board member of Cambridge Community Television, runs a blog called "Community... Published 5/7/07 4:00pm
Computer Lab Hours for Youth F... CCTV has decided to open up the computer lab specifically for youth on Fridays from 3-5pm. The lab... Published 5/4/07 5:08pm
Senator Barack Obama at BU - A... As a volunteer for the "New Media Team" for BarackTV, the campaign's official video production team... Published 4/25/07 3:28pm
Interviewing Senator Obama at... On Friday April 20, I was invited to videotape Senator Barack Obama's speech at Boston University... Published 4/22/07 5:10pm
You Choose - Google's Gov... When I opened up YouTube this morning, I was met by a big smiling John Edwards in a banner... Published 4/19/07 1:36pm
Make Internet TV Launched Intro to: Make Internet TV You've found the ultimate "how to..." of the "How to..." Tutorials... Published 4/17/07 4:33pm
Compress for Less $ and Headac... I used to spend hours perfecting the settings in Compressor for Final Cut Pro so the the video... 1 Published 4/13/07 6:02pm
iTunes Video Guidelines for th... Apple just sent out a notice today for those already hooked into the iTunes store about formatting... Published 4/12/07 10:26am
Picture Balata :: Photo Exhibi... Co-presented with the Alliance for Justice in the Middle East (AJME), Harvard University Where:... Published 4/10/07 1:03pm
Picture Balata :: Photo Exhibi... Co-presented with the Alliance for Justice in the Middle East (AJME), Harvard University Where:... Published 4/10/07 1:03pm
Ants Documentary Begins We kicked off the second installment of our Project Documentary class last night with wonderful... Published 4/10/07 11:51am
Interview Subjects Stefan Cover: Curator of the world’s largest ant collection Gary Alpert: interactions between ants... 15 Published 4/9/07 6:56pm
Welcome to the 1st Class Welcome to the first class of the Project Documentary: Ants. This is the second edition of Project... Published 4/9/07 6:06pm
Liveable Streets Hosts Video S... "Contested Streets" film screening @ Liveable Streets Date: Apr 4 2007 - 7:00pm - 8:30pm Location:... Published 4/5/07 12:41pm
Update Your Video Player Style... Now that some folks have been using the auto-cross posting option with, I wanted to add... Published 4/3/07 3:39pm
Media Map Debuts at CAC Celebr... The Cambridge Media Map debuted at the Cambridge Arts Council “2007 Grant Recipients Celebration”... Published 4/2/07 3:17pm
Huron Village with Jay Kantor Is that Woody? Nope, it's novelist Jay Cantor visiting the charming characters of Huron Village.... Published 3/29/07 11:42am
Huron Village by "Turn He... Is that Woody? Nope, it's novelist Jay Cantor visiting the charming characters of Huron Village.... Published 3/29/07 11:30am
Computación en Español Helps B... El Planeta, a Spanish language newspaper, recently ran an article titled “Latinos mal connectados a... Published 3/27/07 5:42pm
02141: "1852 East Cambrid... CCTV just completed its second installment of ZIP DOCS: 021XX. This time were focusing on a public... Not published 3/22/07 1:31pm
Creating a Thumbnail Mac OSX T... So you've already read the general guidelines for making a thumbnail image for your web content. If... Not published 3/21/07 5:39pm
General Guidelines for Creatin... Most blog posts or videos on-line have a small image that gives a preview of the video. We call... Published 3/21/07 5:35pm
New Coffee House In Cambridge-... Angel Naphtalie tells you about a new coffee house that has opened in Cambridge, MA. It's called "... Published 3/16/07 3:45pm
How to Cross Post Videos from... Your blog and blog can mimic each other by setting up your Published 3/12/07 12:11pm
"One Laptop Per Child... I found this photo on "flickr" photo sharing website. You can see me on the left and Tony... Published 3/9/07 3:34pm
Quickstart Tutorial on New Lab... The latest addition to our CanoScan family of scanners in the ComputerCENTRAL lab is the CanoScan... Published 3/8/07 11:25am
Promoting Your Show in 5 Easy... The following techniques for promoting your show largely apply to local Cambridge residents... Published 3/6/07 7:34pm
Example Uses of Tagging: The S... Here are some real easy examples of ways to use tags. The first one is New England Stories. It's... Published 3/2/07 2:36pm
Tagging Conventions for Public... Felicia Sullivan started the conversation about tagging conventions on the ACM listserv. I am... 1 Published 3/2/07 1:51pm
How to Make an MPEG2 for Serve... CCTV is hoping to have 100% digital playback from our video server by September 2007. To... Published 2/28/07 4:47pm
George Stoney Interview in Two... This was posted by Mike Wassenaar, Executive Director of St. Paul Neighborhood Network, on his blog... Published 2/26/07 12:09pm
Being Here and What that Means... I am in a huge amphitheatre at the Beyond Broadcast Conference, designed by Frank Gehry, inhabited... Published 2/24/07 12:35pm
A Joyful Lack of Wireless Acce... A small bit of irony is ready present at 9am on a Saturday morning at the Beyond Broadcast... Published 2/24/07 12:32pm
Lessons from Beyond the Field:... I walked into the Boston Marriott Copley Place for the NPR-PBS conference and I was pleasantly... Published 2/23/07 1:44pm
Beyond Broadcast 2007: Videos... Last year, CCTV helped videotape the 2006 Beyond Broadcast Conference. There we learned about new... 2 Published 2/23/07 11:38am
Watch the Video Stream: Networ... I am at the NPR-PBS Conference today checking out what's happening in social media around the... Published 2/23/07 11:33am
Lessons From Beyond the Field:... Public media types from National Public Radio, Public Broadcasting Service, Public Radio... Published 2/21/07 2:31pm
CCTV's Official B... By now you're thinking that we need chill out with creating new places on-line for us to connect... Published 2/21/07 1:56pm
CCTV Creates a MySpace Page After checking out the large of number Cambridge based bands, people and organizations that are... Published 2/16/07 2:19pm