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Friends Diane Andronica, Anonymous, Barbara Anthony, Steven Atlas & Lestra Litchfield, Deborah Ayabe,... Published 12/23/20 4:24pm
Sustaining Friends Ginny Berkowitz Garth & Lindsay Greimann Joyce Kauffman (in honor of Susan Fleischmann) Ilan... Published 12/23/20 4:23pm
Best Friends Marissa Acosta Anonymous David Bass & Susan Hall Caitlin Corbett Anne Cushman Estelle Disch... Published 12/23/20 4:21pm
Software & Equipment Donat... Okta, Inc. Published 12/23/20 4:20pm
Vision Supporters Anonymous Was a Woman Sam & Carly Berk Boston Foundation Anonymous Fund Donna Davis Bob Doyle... Published 12/23/20 4:18pm
Web Weavers Comcast William Boone Siobhan Bredin Kathy Cannon & Scott Berk Comcast Cable Cram Rom Family... Published 12/23/20 4:13pm
Notes for Susan Fleischmann to... https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204310 Add your file to a playlist in Apple Music. On your Mac... Published 7/31/20 4:21pm
Cable Channels Offline Tonight Due to construction in the area, CCTV's channels will be offline and unavailable on cable... Not published 7/30/20 4:36pm
draft policies Untitled Document SECTION ONE: ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP A. Categories of Membership In order to... Not published 11/15/19 11:31am
Election Programming 2019 CCTV will again produce election related programming for the municipal election, which will be held... Not published 9/11/19 3:10pm
DVDs Approaching End of Live a... The message goes out to all of our dedicated television producers. CCTV will discontinue all use... Published 7/30/19 1:12pm
IT and Network Admin Contact I... When to contact Rob Immediately (text/call) (603-854-2200): Internet is down for the entire... Published 6/27/19 9:26am
Studio Video Engineering Quick... Required Equipment Studio Cameras (studio) Waveform Monitor and Engineering Monitor (control room... Published 6/21/19 2:11pm
Passwords, Very Sensitive Now you can find passwords on this subscription service: http://1password.com Published 2/27/19 10:01am
Teradek T-Rax Chassis for 24/7... This page will get better when I have time. For now, I just need a place to put passwords. T-Rax... Published 10/12/18 2:16pm
Lightcast 24/7 Scheduler Test A new Cambridge Calendar program will begin on the hour and half hour (ie. 9:00 then 9:30 then 10:... Published 8/16/18 10:06am
Four Square and Ice Cream! Yes, this is exactly what you think it is. Cambridge Community Television and the Central Square... Not published 7/28/18 9:57am
Live streaming channels on Lig... Lightcast.com is our streaming video provider as of June 7, 2018. As of that time we are paying $... Published 7/3/18 9:05pm
Calendar of Events CCTV has a number of fun and fabulous events planned for our 30th Anniversary and we want you to... Published 3/28/18 1:32pm
AppleTV App Documentation You'll need this account to manage the content in the AppleTV app: Vimeo.com (see passwords) Manual... Published 2/20/18 11:23am
PRELIMINARY Election Results Following are the preliminary, uncertified results from the municipal election. Elected to serve on... Published 11/7/17 6:59pm
Election Worker Training Inspectors, Wardens, and Clerks. Oh, my! Cambridge Election Commissioner Polyxane Cobb details the... Published 10/18/17 9:07pm
Using the Blackmagic Portable... The Blackmagic Design portable studio is made of a few key compact products that make it possible... Published 9/28/17 4:05pm
Using Teradek Cube to Stream L... Teradek Cube encoders and Teradek Core cloud service can get programming onto CCTV's channels or... Published 9/28/17 10:05am
Certification of Candidates by... It's hard work! The Cambridge Election Commission certified City Council and School Committee... Published 8/10/17 2:13pm
Death's No Fun Susan Chasen produced one of CCTV's five winning entries in the Hometown Media Awards this year.... Published 5/31/17 9:49am
FileMaker and FileMaker Server Our Filemaker databases are protected with a password and you will have to enter that password to... Published 12/2/16 4:20pm
Power Outage Recovery Plan This is a work in progress, to be completed soon. Topics we're going to cover, in order of greatest... Published 10/3/16 9:30pm
The f'n wifi passwoords y... It's: cctvairport/wirelessd0g675 cctvpublic/publicaccess There. Published 9/20/16 2:55pm
Open House at CCTV Cambridge Community Television is a public access television and media organization that can... Published 5/12/16 4:44pm
Open House at CCTV Cambridge Community Television is a public access television and media organization that can... Published 5/12/16 4:42pm
What Makes A Community Strong?... Donate Now Cambridge Community Television’s Youth Media Program empowers young people to break... Published 5/2/16 5:55pm
Two options for embedding Flip... There are two ways we can present the friends donation page. Here are the options: 1. We can... Not published 5/2/16 3:54pm
A 2000 Corbin Sparrow for CCTV Cambridge Community Television added a classic Corbin Sparrow three-wheeled vehicle to its fleet in... Published 4/6/16 1:34pm
Open House on January 12, 6:30... Resolve to take action in your community in 2017! Find out how you can use your right to free... Published 2/22/16 7:54pm
Highlights from the 2015 Smoke... According to the East Cambridge Business Association: "The Rib Fest is a culinary showdown pitting... Published 11/10/15 3:57pm
Live Election Night Coverage f... Featuring hosts Susana Segat and Robert Winters with guests State Reps. Marjorie Decker and Timothy... Published 11/6/15 3:28pm
Black Lives Matter City Counc... This was a private event for candidates to discuss issues of race. Cambridge Community Television... 1 Published 10/30/15 4:40pm
Porter Square Neighbors Associ... Porter Square Neighbors Association and Agassiz Neighborhood Council teamed up to present this city... Published 10/30/15 1:37pm
Cambridge Citywide School Advi... The most recent school committee candidate forum recorded in Cambridge on October 22, 2015. Published 10/30/15 1:26pm
How to use Skype on CCTV Live Live Producers can use Skype to bring on remote guests. 1. Producers must create their own Skype... Published 10/20/15 3:37pm
Cambridge Bites Cambridge Bites features the stories and flavors of local restaurants from all over the city. Published 9/28/15 3:42pm
Programs Programs and Activities Published 9/2/15 5:01pm
Staffing These are all topics relating to staffing and development. Published 9/2/15 4:52pm
Membership These are topics relating to how to manage people, volunteers, members, etc, and the systems that... Published 9/2/15 4:49pm
Retired Topics This is a collection of materials no longer needed by CCTV. Published 9/2/15 4:41pm
Bay State Forum: 2024 Boston O... Our program today is about the 2024 Boston Olympics. Many of us love watching the Olympics on TV... Published 7/10/15 12:10pm
Bay State Forum with Barbara A... Episode 1: Urban Development Many urban neighborhoods in Boston, Cambridge and around the country... Published 5/22/15 12:49pm
Bay State Forum: Cambridge Hea... Our show today focuses on health care and a very unique community hospital system called Cambridge... Published 5/20/15 12:57pm
Highlights from the 2014 Smoke... CCTV was on scene to record the activities at the Rib Fest on Oct 5, 2014. We got a good look at... Published 5/20/15 12:45pm