Submit Your Program for Distribution

Submit Your Program for Distribution

Online Program Submissions

Complete the online Program Distribution Agreement form to submit your new program. Your information, program description, video or audio file, and release are all included in the online form.

Offline Program Submissions

  1. Print the Program Distribution Agreement form.
  2. Email completed forms to and share new video files with
  3. CCTV prefers files are shared with Google Drive, Dropbox, or
  4. CCTV will not download your programs from YouTube.
  5. New episodes of existing series programs may be shared with CCTV without new forms.

Cambridge Community Television operates three cable television channels, Comcast Channels 8, 9, & 96, in Cambridge, MA, as well as webstreams, OTT and set top streaming applications, and social media platforms. Residents and members may sign up for and submit programs to be distributed by CCTV. Following are the options for signing up for and submitting programs:

Two Pre-Recorded Programming Options
CCTV will accept pre-recorded program submissions as either single or series programs:

  • Single programs are standalone programs that are scheduled according to time slot availability on a short-term basis.
  • Series programs are a number of episodes of the same program that are shown in a fixed time-slot across many months, a minimum of one new episode must be submitted per month. The series contract and time slot lasts until January of the following year, when the time-slot may be changed at CCTV's discretion.

If you are a Cambridge Resident
You may submit one single per year for free without signing up for a membership by filling out a Program Distribution Agreement Form and submitting it with your media to CCTV's Programming Coordinator via email or in person by stopping by the station. If you would like to submit a series or more than one single program per year, you must sign up for either an Affiliate Membership or a Resident Membership.

If you are Not a Cambridge Resident
You must sign up for either an Affiliate or Nonresident Membership and fill out and submit a Program Distribution Agreement Form along with your media via email or stopping by the station. You are also required to find a Cambridge resident to sponsor the program by filling out and signing the Program Distribution Agreement Form along with your information and signature.

Before submitting any programming, please read and fully understand CCTV's Programming Policies. You must agree to these policies or we cannot show your program. For specs and technical guidelines, read below:

Send your video files to CCTV through file sharing platforms. After completing the forms for your new program or episode, you may use free file sharing services to send your original video files to CCTV, including Google Drive,, or Share all video files to

Submission File Format Guide
The following specs are required for all digital files submitted for CCTV distribution. CCTV will make every effort to technically prepare your video file for playback, but due to the many formats and editing tools in the marketplace it is sometimes not technically possible to support submissions of all file file formats. Please note that CCTV does not accept DVDs for distribution, nor will CCTV download your videos from Youtube links.

For SD (standard definition) AVC/H.264 files:

  • H.264, Main Profile, Level 3.1 max
  • 29.97fps, Lower Field First Interlacing
  • Video bitrate: up to 60,000 Kbps CBR (Constant Bitrate)
  • MPEG Audio Layer 2 or AAC, 16bit, 48 kHz, Stereo Audio

For HD (high definition) AVC/H.264 files:

  • H.264, Main Profile , Level 5.1 max
  • 30 or 29.97fps, Progressive or Interlaced frames
  • Video bitrate: 12,000 to 80,000 Kbps CBR (Constant Bitrate)
  • MPEG Audio Layer 2 or AAC, 16bit, 48 kHz, Stereo Audio

NOTE: Support for MXF and MOV containers depends on every third party vendor and particular export settings. CCTV will NOT accept files exported via Final Cut Pro using the H.264 setting in Final Cut Pro as they are not compatible with our playback system. All videos exported from Final Cut Pro must be exported with ProRes.

Live Programming Options
If you are interested in producing a Live show at CCTV, visit out page on how to Host your Own Live Show.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact CCTV's Programming Department.