Josh Artman, Nov 22, 2019
"We need at least one legal wall in every neighborhood. We just want to create and express ourselves."
Peter Levine, Nov 15, 2019
Coming Up Next is a brand new short-form series highlighting many of the exciting things happening at CCTV!
Alex Lemski, Oct 17, 2019
Boston's Jason Palmer joins with Carmen Staaf, piano
Lesley University, Oct 3, 2019
On Thursday, Oct. 24, at 7 p.m., Strauch will speak about his efforts to rebuild Mosse Palais and reclaim the family’s place in the center o
Siobhan Bredin, Sep 30, 2019
Mike Swells, Jackie House, and Palms Trax kept the crowd dancing through the afternoon and long into the night at Zone 3.
Cambridge Art Walk
Tanina Carrabotta, Sep 25, 2019
Check out the latest free public art in Cambridge
Alex Lemski, Sep 23, 2019
Ms.Davis playing the piano's full Jazz spectrum
Alfonso Mateo, Sep 18, 2019
What's new to CCTV? A List of Programs to Check Out This Week.
Cambridge Open Studios 2019
Siobhan Bredin, Sep 17, 2019
Cambridge Arts Open Studios 2019 and #TGTHR10 showcase arts of all media in our fair city.
Alex Lemski, Sep 14, 2019
Wendy Eisenberg uses the languages of free jazz, new music, metal and art song; her music challenging the representational and technical
Xia Rondeau, Sep 5, 2019
Studio musical performances filmed by youth participants of SMI 2019
Xia Rondeau, Sep 4, 2019
A profile on a young singer-songwriter in Cambridge.
Lily Robinson, Aug 19, 2019
Sheila Del Bosque and Nacho Gonzalez are two of the most promising young musicians in the Latin American music scene & both have big goals.
Alex Lemski, Aug 18, 2019
Her music straddles the boundaries of improvisation, new music and-jazz, her new quartet
Lily Robinson, Aug 15, 2019
David Fichter is a Cambridge based muralist and mentor with pieces displayed in communities around the world.
Alex Lemski, Aug 2, 2019
Improvisers together, maybe the best improv-Jazz drummer, pianist/multi-instrumentalist & bassist together you may not have heard yet
Peter Levine, Jul 25, 2019
FOLKED UP is a special showcase / gameshow featuring local musicians and a live audience.
Week 4 July, 2019
Alex Lemski, Jul 7, 2019
three master, world class, exceptional improvisers together, The Rob Brown Trio
Musicians of the Old Post Road, Jul 3, 2019
French Baroque cantatas and instrumental works
Musicians of the Old Post Road, Jul 3, 2019
French Baroque cantatas and instrumental works