TV Series on Channel 8, 9 & 96

TV Series on Channel 8, 9 & 96

A Viewer's Guide to the regular shows you'll find each week on Channels 8, 9 & 96

  • Posted on: 14 February 2017
  • By: lily

About 70 Prerecorded TV Series are broadcast on a weekly schedule on CCTV Channels 8, 9, and 96.

On Channel 8, find independently-produced programs by producers locally as well as nationally. On Channel 9, daily shows from the Free Speech TV Network as well as from our CCTV Live studio. On Channel 96, multilingual, spiritual, and religious programming.

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Abugida Ethiopian
Program featuring outreach service to Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia, news and current affairs about Ethiopia, resources and educational programs for young Ethio-Americans about their ancestral land, and local and global community connections.
On Channel 96, Mondays at 9pm, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10pm, Sundays at 3pm.

African Ascent
Teodros Kiros, Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston, hosts African Ascent featuring interviews about African topics and musical performances.
On Channel 96, Mondays at 10pm, Thursdays at 11PM, Saturdays at 4pm.

The African Television Network of New England (ATNNE)
Interviews, news, and entertainment.
On Channel 96, Tuesdays at 9pm, Fridays at 5pm, Sundays at 4pm.

Angel of the Airwaves
Angel Aiguier hosts this Community Radio show featuring reggae tracks and other musical selections hand-picked by the lovely hostess herself.
On Channel 8, Mondays at 7pm, Wednesdays at 1pm, Saturdays at 10pm, and Sundays at 12pm.

Bandwidth TV
Bandwidth TV, recorded between 2005 and 2011, features local musicians performing live at the CCTV studio.
On Channel 8, Mondays at 2:30pm and Saturdays at 9am.

Bate Papo Con Shirley
A monthly talk show with Shirley Nigri Farber, in Portuguese.
On Channel 96, Tuesdays at 11pm, Thursdays at 4pm and Fridays at 9pm.

The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann
Thom Hartmann is the nation's #1 progressive radio talk show host (also simulcast as TV in 40 million homes by Dish Network/Free Speech TV), and the New York Times bestselling, 4-times project Censored winning author of 21 books in print.
On Channel 9, Monday-Friday at 10pm.

The Bill Press Show
Four time Emmy and Golden Mike Award winner, Bill Press is a political insider and media commentator who has built a national reputation on thought-provoking and humorous insights. Hour one of his three hour, weekday series.
On Channel 9, Monday-Friday at 10am.

Brodian's Basement
Variety program featuring independent short films, music videos, interviews, and walkarounds at numerous events.
On Channel 8, Fridays at 2pm, Sundays at 9pm.

Carpe Kalendarium
The Cambridge Calendar television program pulls together details on all the events in Cambridge - so that you don't have to! We aggregate community calendars from the city government, local non-profits, universities, and community groups and present it all in a condensed 5-minute event clearinghouse program. Forget looking through local listings and websites for things to do. Let us tell it to you straight. And, by the way, our own online community calendar can tell you lots about the city and it's a great place to list your own events, too, at This program is produced by staff and volunteers at Cambridge Community Television to fill the gap in Cambridge news and current affairs programming.
On Channel 8

The Chico and Bman Show
The Chico and Bman Show is a 30 minute music/variety show filmed in Nashville, TN. It provides an opportunity for talented acts of all kinds to be seen and/or heard presenting their best to the world.
On Channel 8, Mondays at 9am and Thursdays at 1pm.

Colores Latinos TV
CLTV educates and informs the Hispanic community about health, school programs, cultural events, and more. Episodes are produced monthly.
On Channel 96, Thursdays at 9pm, Saturdays at 11am, and Sundays at 11pm.

Cooking Without Boundaries
Cooking Without Boundaries by Reema Chandra
Reema Chandra, founder of Cooking Without Boundaries and the host of a TV show, has had a lifelong passion for culinary quests and believes that our love for food connects us to world around us in endless ways.
Join Reema in her cooking class, Cooking Without Boundaries, and learn to cook with what you have in your pantry, refrigerator and your busy schedule. The class will teach you how to cook quick, easy, healthy and tasty everyday meals by learning to lift boundaries such as lack of skills or recipes or missing ingredients, etc.
Watch Reema host her show Cooking Without Boundaries on CCTV, Mon @ 9:00am and Fri @ 9:30am.
On Channel 8, Mondays at 9am and Fridays at 9:30am.

Crianca Feliz
Crianca Feliz is a religious program for children featuring the World Revival Church-Assembly of God in Everett.
On Channel 96, Wednesday at 11:30am, Fridays at 10:30am, and Sundays at 1pm.

Cristo O Vencedor
Religious services at the World Revival Church in Boston.
On Channel 96, Wednesdays at 4pm Fridays at 3pm, and Sundays at 11am.

The David Pakman Show
The David Pakman Show, originally Midweek Politics with David Pakman, is a multiplatform politics and news talk show currently airing on radio, television, and the Internet, hosted by David Pakman.
On Channel 9, Monday-Friday at 11am.

Dead Air Live
Dead Air Live is created by the Somerville Producers Group, featuring arts and entertainment pieces and news stories from Somerville producers. To find out more about the show see
On Channel 8, Mondays at 4pm, Tuesdays at 8am, and Saturdays at 10am.

Democracy Now!
Democracy Now! is a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez.
On Channel 9, Monday-Friday at 8am, 12pm, and 9pm.

Eat Well Be Happy
A cooking show that emphasizes organic and natural, with recipes that are fast and easy, so that people really will eat well and be happy!
On Channel 8, Mondays at 7am, Tuesdays at 10am and Sundays at 3pm.

Eckankar, produced in Chanhassen, Minnesota, features sermons about Eckankar with Harold Klemp. The purpose of Eckankar is to make God an everyday reality in your life. Eckankar means "Co-worker with God." It offers ways to explore your own unique and natural relationship with the Divine.
On Channel 96, Wednesdays at 11am Fridays at 10:00am, and Sundays at 1:30pm.

Effort Pour Christ
An Evangelical Christian program spoken in Haitian Kreyol, French, and English featuring gospel news.
On Channel 96, Thursdays at 8:30am, Saturdays at 2pm, and Sundays at 12pm.

Going Postal
A show discussing postage stamps that commemorate historic events.
On Channel 8, Mondays at 9:30pm, and Saturdays and Sundays at 8:30am.

Haitian Poetry in Three Languages
Interviews and readings of poems by Haitian authors in Haitian, French, and English.
On Channel 96, Mondays at 12pm and Wednesdays at 8pm, and Saturdays at 10pm.

Heavy Leather Topless Dance Party
Heavy Leather Topless Dance Party has been called a "Circus of Anarchy"! Every Wednesday night, Ken (aka Sleazegrinder), co-host Foxxy Chrome, Strange Fuzz (the most dangerous band in town) and comedian/announcer, Todd Clay are joined by rock bands, comics and other miscreants for the best hour of entertainment on public access television!
On Channel 8, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 1am.

HoodX Television Network
The hottest new music videos from Sign up at to submit your video today!
On Channel 8, Tuesdays at 11pm and Saturdays at 12am.

In Case You Missed It
In Case You Missed It, CCTV's event recap show, takes a look at the past month's events in and around Cambridge and gives them to you in a condensed form.
On Channel 8, Tuesdays at 10:30pm and Saturdays at 3pm. And on Channel 9, Mondays and Wednesdays at 4pm, and Wednesdays and Fridays at 3:00am.

Information Philosopher
Information Philosophy (I-Phi) is a new philosophical method grounded in science, especially modern physics, biology, psychology, neuroscience, and the science of information. Bob Doyle earned a Ph.D in Astrophysics from Harvard in 1968 and is now an Associate in the Harvard Astronomy Department.
LIVE on Channel 8, Monday - Friday 3-4pm. Reruns Tuesday - Saturday 7-8am.

International Church of God
International Church of God in Burlington, Massachusetts offers prayers, song & sermons.
On Channel 96, Mondays at 5pm and Sundays at 10:30am.

Jovem Cristao
Religious services at the World Revival Church in Boston.
On Channel 96, Mondays at 11am and Tuesdays at 4pm.

Protestant and Pentacostal religious services at the Holy Tabernacle Church in Dorchester.
On Channel 96, Wednesdays at 12pm and Sundays at 10am.

The Kamla Show
A lively talk show produced in the beautiful San Francisco bay area featuring technologists, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, and other newsmakers.
On Channel 8, Mondays and Saturdays at 9:30am.

The Literati Scene
The Literati Scene from Boston, Massachusetts, features interviews by Adelaide Bacon and Richard Concannon of current authors and coverage of current events, theatre, books, museums, commerce, medicine, politics, science and arts organizations.
On Channel 8, Mondays at 9pm and Tuesdays at 10:30am, and Sundays at 2pm.

Mahibere Kidusan TV
An Amharic religious program teaching Ethio-Americans the word of God in relation to our day-to-day life.
On Channel 96, Thursdays at 3pm, Saturdays at 1pm and Sundays at 2pm.

Mass Celebration
Religious services in Spanish, at St. Mary's Church in Cambridge.
On Channel 96, Wednesdays at 5pm, Fridays at 12pm and Sundays at 7pm.

Media Edge
Media Edge is an all-volunteer nonprofit group dedicated to bringing independent progressive video programming both locally-produced and nationally-distributed to community cable access channels.
On Channel 8, Mondays at 10pm, Wednesdays at 9am, Fridays at 7pm, Saturdays at 12pm .

Native Voice TV
Native Voice TV seeks to provide a voice for Indigenous people to tell of their struggles and injustices that are often ignored by the mainstream media. The series features dress, songs, dances, language, arts and crafts of various individuals, groups and organizations in order to provide an educational and informative program for the Native community and the general public.
On Channel 8, Wednesdays at 10pm and Saturdays at 7:30pm.

New England Pride TV
LGBTQ support, events, and guests.
On Channel 8, Tuesdays at 10pm and Thursdays at 4pm.

Open Mic Review
Views of events and interviews within the City of Cambridge.
On Channel 8, Mondays and Saturdays at 2pm, and Sundays at 7am.

Physician Focus
Physician Focus is a monthly show produced by the Massachusetts Medical Society, providing health and medical information on a variety of topics for patients of all ages.
On Channel 8, Wednesdays at 4:30pm, Thursdays at 9:30am and Sundays at 10am.

Reeling: The Movie Review Show
Reeling features reviews of newly-released movies hosted by Robin and Laura Clifford.
On Channel 8, Tuesdays at 1pm and Fridays at 9:30pm.

Rompeviento TV
Un medio de comunicación audiovisual crítico e independiente, transmitido desde México D.F.
On Channel 96, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1pm, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 6pm, Sunday at 9pm.

Scholars Strategy Network: No Jargon.
No Jargon, a weekly podcast from the Scholars Strategy Network, presents interviews with top university scholars on the politics, policy problems, and social issues facing the nation. Powerful research, intriguing perspectives - and no jargon.
On Channel 8, Tuesdays at 9pm, Thursdays at 10:00am, and Saturdays at 3:30pm.

The Stephanie Miller Show
A syndicated progressive talk radio program, hosted by Stephanie Miller, that discusses politics, current events, and pop culture using an engaging, fast-paced, impromptu style.
On Channel 9, Monday-Friday 9-10am

Som Arts
A monthly show highlights arts events n and around Somerville, with in-depth features on events produced by the Somerville Arts Council.
On Channel 8, Thursdays at 9pm and Saturdays at 8am.

The Struggle
The Struggle is a weekly news magazine produced by The Middle East Crisis Comittee (MECC) of Woodbridge, Connecticut, concentrating on Middle East news, anti-war actions, and climate issues.
On Channel 8, Wednesdays at 8:30pm and Saturdays at 7pm, and Sundays at 8am. Also on Channel 9, Tuesdays and Saturdays at 10:00am.

Supreme Master TV
Supreme Master TV, a production of Supreme Master Ching Hai, features lectures on world peace, vegetarianism and spiritual enlightenment.
On Channel 96, Tuesdays at 11:30am, Wednesdays at 12:30pm, and Sundays at 8:30pm.

Tele Anacaona
Haitian music video selections.
On Channel 96, Mondays at 3pm, Thursdays at 10pm, and Saturdays at 9pm.

Tele Galaxie
Weekly show for the Haitian community including social events, financial news, religious activities and events, art, health matters, business issues, and cultural profiles.
On Channel 96, Tuesdays at 5pm and Thursdays at 11am, and Saturdays at 11:00pm.

Tele Kreyol
Tele-Kreyol is a program featuring the culture of Haiti.
On Channel 96, Mondays at 10pm, Fridays at 8:00pm, and Saturdays at 3pm.

Tele Lakay
Coverage of Haitian events and interviews with Yves St. Pierre.
On Channel 96, Wednesdays at 9pm, Fridays at 11:00pm and Sundays at 5pm.

Tele Magazine
Haitian community information, news, music.
On Channel 96, Tuesdays and Saturdays at 8pm, and Thursdays at 12pm.

Tele Reveil
Christian social education in Haitian Kreyol, French, and English.
On Channel 96, Mondays and Thursdays at 10am, and Saturdays at 12pm and Sundays at 6pm.

Tempest Tableau
Music selections with Kit Tempest.
On Channel 8, Mondays at 12pm, Thursdays at 8am, Sundays at 12am. Also on Channel 96, Wednesdays at 9am.

The Time Is Now
Relevant, inspirational Bible teaching given by Pastor E.I. Osborne, Jr.
On Channel 96, Wednesdays at 3pm, Fridays at 4pm and Sundays at 8am.

Thorium Community Awareness
information on energy and the environment, specifically related to the development of 'new nuclear' Molten Salt Reactor technology, as well as effects of climate change on our environment, due to greenhouse gas emissions.
On Channel 8, Thursdays at 10pm, Fridays at 9am, and Sundays at 5:30pm.

Tony's Choice
Tony’s Choice features local video art from the MassArt community and beyond.
On Channel 8, Wednesdays at 7:30pm, Fridays at 8:30am, and Saturdays at 9pm.

Trinity Temple Live
Religious services at the New Life Temple Holiness Church in Brockton.
On Channel 96, Mondays at 11pm, and Thursdays and Saturdays at 5pm.

US Tzu Chi 360
USTzuChi360 is a program aiming to document the full scope of the American Tzu Chi experience and to encourage and empower those who watch it. It features people from many different races, religions, and experiences meeting and interacting, but its stories clearly show that love and compassion is universal.
On Channel 96, Mondays at 5:30pm, Tuesdays at 11am and Sundays at 8pm.

Visual Radio
A variety show with a wide range of guests and topics.
On Channel 8, Tuesdays at 8am, Thursdays at 5:30am, and Friday at 6:30am.

Voz do Evangelho
Discussion of Christianity with Jose Soares.
On Channel 96, Mondays at 4pm, Wednesdays at 11pm, and Fridays at 11am.

What's New Massachusetts?
What's New Massachusetts? with co-hosts Sam Baltrusis and Sharon Fillyaw focuses on new restaurants, businesses and things to do in the Boston area.
On Channel 8, Tuesdays at 9:30pm and Saturdays at 9:30am.