Rationale for the Proposed By-Law Change

Rationale for the Proposed By-Law Change

  • Posted on: 14 February 2007
  • By: Susan

Available here are three documents: the letter from Board President Joe Douillette introducing the proposed changes and calling a special members meeting, the current By-laws with changes indicated in red (the changes start on page 3), and an expanded explanation of the proposal, prepared by Board Vice President Rika Welsh.


When is this special meeting?
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The special meeting will be March 5th, 6:00 PM at CCTV.

In Bylawsamended.pdf, Article 3, section 2 says there are 13 board members. Article 3, section 3 says there are 12. Section 2 is also talking about the initial board which was indeed 13 members, but read literally, it doesn't only apply to that.

That's right, there were 11 elected seats and 2 MAC seats, for a total of 13...so, maybe we need to re-do our math...

Ann posted this on another part of the site, but I think intended for it to be here:

CCTV: Proposed Bylaw Changes, 3/5/07 --Ann Cowan, MAC Member

Re: Section 3.3:

Of the 13 Board Members to be chosen:

* Six (6) shall be elected by the current Board to fill 6 positions and announced at the Annual Meeting. These would provide Special Services to CCTV, otherwise unavailable.

* Five (5) shall be nominated & elected by the Membership at the Annual Meeting; 2 or 3 each year as needed to fill staggered terms.

* Two (2) shall be elected by the Member Advisory Committee at their first meeting following the Annual Meeting.

* Nominees for Board & MAC elected positions must be nominated 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting.

* All members must be informed of the names and descriptions of all the nominees to the Board and MAC 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting by email, direct mail and by Poster. Descriptions (Bios) should be limited to 50 words.

Re: 3.8

* A Quorum of seven (7), a majority, shall be necessary for the transaction of any Board business, even if there is Board attrition or absence. Thus, at least 4 would be necessary to make decisions.