Cambridge Nonprofit Resource Exchange

Cambridge Nonprofit Resource Exchange

Learn about technology. Connect with other changemakers. Use media to deepen your impact.

Technology Training for Nonprofits
The Cambridge Nonprofit Resource Exchange offers technology training for nonprofit professionals. We have a wide array of events planned for the 2017. Don't miss out on these opportunities to learn how to deepen your organization's reach into the community. Find out more here.

Produce a PSA for Your Organization
Do you want to change the way people think about an issue? Each year, CCTV's PSA Day gives local non-profit organizations a chance to create informative PSAs on issues about which they are hoping to raise awareness. PSAs are shown on CCTV's three cable channels (with the potential of reaching more than 32,000 households), can be submitted to other television stations, uploaded to your organization's website and social media accounts, or used for other public relations projects. Find out more here..

Design Specialized Technology Training for your Staff and Volunteers
CCTV can design and offer technology classes to meet the specific needs of your nonprofit. This is a great retreat option for nonprofits hoping to strengthen a team of staff through engaging with new technology, or for creating a successful learning experience for constituents. Contact Ellen Daoust at or 617.401.4009 for details.

The Cambridge Calendar: Promote Upcoming Events and Announcements on the Web and on TV
Does your organization have an upcoming event or an announcement to publicize to the Cambridge community? Post your listings on, where it will be seen on both our website and all three of our cable channels. A new television show will be kicking off this year, in which presenters will discuss upcoming events in the city, many from this online calendar. Create an account or login. Once approved you may add a New Event. Enter the dates, description and location. Click "Save" at the bottom. Check your work on the Calendar.

Request Media Coverage of your Next Community Event
Do you have an event that you would like CCTV to record and show on our cable channels? Become a CCTV organizational member, and complete an Event Coverage Form. More details about event coverage can also be found here.

Promote your Organization on Live Television
Our single camera, easy-to-operate BeLive studio offers nonprofits an easy way to share their work with a television audience. Become a CCTV member and sign up for a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly timeslot. CCTV Executive Director Susan Fleischmann hosts a weekly BeLive show, “Not for Nothin,’” during which she interviews executive directors from Cambridge nonprofits. If you would like to be featured on Not for Nothin’ contact Susan at

Access Studio and Field Equipment
We offer a variety of seminars and workshops which are open to CCTV organizational members. Organizational Members who have taken classes or demonstrated proficiency in media production can utilize our equipment at no charge, as long as they submit their final programs to be shown on CCTV's channels. Otherwise, rentals are also available.

Rent Space or Media Equipment at CCTV
We rent space in our state of the art facility for parties, events, classes, retreats, screenings and productions. CCTV offers 8000 square feet of prime real estate space in Central Square and we're only 150 yards from the MBTA Red Line subway stop. Our venue and location can't be beat. The main studio’s large screen allows for film screenings and presentations at some of the best rates in the city. Already media savvy and want to use our equipment for your own production? Our vast AV production equipment library is also available to rent, both onsite and for field use. Details available here.

Hire CCTV to Produce a Video for Your Organization
CCTV is available to produce customized videos for organizations looking to address marketing needs. Contact or 617 401 4006 for more information.