Quickstart Tutorial on New Lab Scanner

Quickstart Tutorial on New Lab Scanner

  • Posted on: 8 March 2007
  • By: jmc

The latest addition to our CanoScan family of scanners in the ComputerCENTRAL lab is the CanoScan 9950F. According to CNET editor Rebecca Viksnins, the scanner’s “blue-backlit power button and shiny, black body make it look more like a BMW than an office machine.” This machine, however, is much more than just any old scanner.

The 9950F is a multi-function, digital imaging solution for any photo fanatic. Users can scan, copy, create .pdf (Adobe’s portable document format), and email image with the touch of a button on the front panel. The included adaptors can also handle slides, film negatives from 35mm up to 4 x 5 in. formats. Bring in up to thirty frames of 35mm film and the included software will batch process them.

For film enthusiasts who understand the importance of resolution, the 9950F can scan at an incredible 4800 x 9600 dpi color resolution, 48-bit color depth and over 281 trillion possible colors. I didn’t there were 281 trillion possible colors.

The only feature it lacks, I guess, is a cup holder.

Here is a quickstart guide for use in our lab: CanoScan 9950F Quickstart.