March 7th 2007 Pre-Production Work

March 7th 2007 Pre-Production Work

Harvest Market Mural

Purpose of film:
Underscore the positive effect of public art in a community. A subtopic will be to describe the process of getting a large public art project done, as a blueprint for other communities.


--Mario (grew up in community, knows artist, is in mural)
Questions for Mario:
What's unique about growing up in Central Sq?
How would you characterize this community?
How do u feel about the way the community is depicted in the mural?
How did this project affect the community when it was being made?
How does the mural continue to affect the community?
How do you feel about having become a part of this mural?
Describe the experience of participating in the creation of this piece of community art.

--David Fichter (artist)
Questions for David Fichter:
How would you characterize the community in Central Square at the time you started this project?
What problems did you see? How did you want to help this community thru this mural?
(What effects did you hope the mural would have on the community?)
What community effects have you seen? Do you think that your piece was successful?
What was the experience like working with 50 volunteers?

--Area 4 Neighborhood Coalition (commissioned (paid for) the mural)
Why did you choose this artist? Was he your first choice?
How did you choose the space?
What change did you hope to achieve in the community thru this mural?
Size of budget? How did you get funding?
How did volunteerism play a role in the success of the project?
What does it take to make something like this happen? What advice can you offer to other communties looking to create a new piece of community art?

--Harvest Market representative
Do you own the building?
Do people mention the mural when they come in? What kind of comments do you hear?
Does it help business?
How do you feel about it being on your building?

--people on the street
How does seeing this mural affect how you feel about the community?
How do you think the mural affects the community?
Why do you think public art is important?

Shot List

mural ..MORNING for direct light
--establishing shot
B-roll: tighter shot, people walking past

Mario interview ..MORNING or use lighting + indirect daylight
--in front of his depiction

artist interview (anytime of day)
--in studio?

Harvest Market (anytime of day)
--establishing shot (show name of store)
--representative interview in front of produce

Area 4 (anytime of day)
--in office

B-roll stuff
Central Sq
Looking diff directions down Mass Ave
Ctrl Sq T stop w/ peop going in & out
Looking at churchtower/ intersection of Prospect/Mass Ave
Harvest exterior

Need to setup each interview
--David Fichter ...Mario will ask
--Area 4 ...Matt will ask
--Harvest Market...Cat will ask
(please report back as soon as possible)

We'll be shooting next week (March 14th)!

What we need to figure out before next week:
--Figure out shooting locations and times according to subject availability.
--Assign crew to each shoot
--Reserve necessary equipment