Not Blogging at @ 3am

Not Blogging at @ 3am

  • Posted on: 13 May 2012
  • By: tonibee

writing AT 2:35am Saturday May 5, 2012
ADD serves many creative people in the right way. Their concentration is always off, they always on to the next thing AND while that is not my diagnosis this MaMa gotta sitter and chose to trot on down to Central Square and see what makes it pop on a Friday night.

For me this means - if you got the energy do all you can with the time you got available…and since I aint used to partying I solo danced with my camera ….

ELKS LODGE - Buzzed by the Wild Mind which took place in the basement of The Elks Lodge at 55 Bishop Allen Drive. Oh yeah – all American fair was served – chicken nuggets mmmmm

Katie Nadworny curated the 5th Wild Mind / Musical groups on deck were - Billy Wine and Porktupus with lead singer Katy who CUT IT UP singing OutKast. Of course there was James – artist extraordinary whose artwork was fab, whose coat rocked colors. And Clear Conscious rocking electronic beats plus a light show where at times it seemed er’thang went up in smoke

We chilled - all of us, poets, interns, and artsy gals who had just dumped their boyfriends. We rolled our minds out - of course I hadda Poetry reading to bust up in the AM so I couldn’t stay long – took sum shots (photography shots that IS) and I kept it moving…on over to

NAGA – in the front they grub at a place called Moksa / but in the rear they get their dragons roar ON in a club named Naga! Had to see what the EDMBeastMaster DJ was saying / ran in the door around 1:30am/ bodies a moving and amuck / on the wall some kinda film reeled /and personally I got a teenyBit spell bound by the dancing bottle lights running from or to me on a nearby wall. The crowd was a mix - African, Europeans and the rest of us all burning our individual flames. And that’s when my light skipped me to the…

MIDDLE EAST – Friday night nearing ZuZu and I hear “boomp boomp Baaa doomp doomp” , YO - Beasties Boys circa 1980’s was a dripping from the speakers. And like Riddick said to Kira “ Wait…waaait for it” – INNER SCREAM cause my Dude was waxing vinyl!!!!! Had to get a shot of that. (Of course photos y’all- cause I am a Motherrrrr) PHOTOS

Closing time – and a silent drum set rivets me so I pic’d it / Cause the party still charges my head and I wonder if metal and wood echo rhythm when not being played. And…Oh...there's a cab…

Made it home/ had to - gotta stellar Poetry Jam to host in a few hours / but I still can’t sleep / and I wanna review my pictures but can’t / and a poem tries to come but

I'm stopping because it is now 2:49am – and a PoetMaMa’s gots to get sleep even if she can't get rid of the constant “boomp boomp Baaa doomp doomp” that ever rides within her bones.