Cambridge Citizens, and the World

Cambridge Citizens, and the World

I've decided to return to CCTV on the recommendation of my therapist.

My first steps and creative accomplishment for greater recognition are supplied in this following clip. I recently produced this to promote my new BeLive: Jamie O'Brien: LIVE.

I hope you enjoy it and tune in next week Tuesday February 6th 7:00 pm (soon to be 7:30)

Click To Play A promo for my Upcoming Live Cable Access Television show in Cambridge, MA.


Awesome promo indeed, Sir O'brien.

However I just wanted to make sure you knew your BeLive is actually going to be live on Channel 9 rather than Channel 10!

Welcome back to Being Live.



I should have done some research on that before hand.

Thanks Marissa.


No prob...just want to make sure your loyal fans don't miss your long awaited comeback.

I updated the video channel 9.

channel 9.


Channel 9 or 10? 9 or 10?

Nice promo for your BeLive. I just wanted to let you know you have your own blog (you already knew that), but you also have your own blog address on the CCTV website:

I tuned in at 7 last night on Ch 9 and I saw an older lady speaking about proper pet care. Was that you?

I guess I'm on next week. The promo is way off, whoops.

oopsie daisy!

You may not be an example of accuracy in Belive promotion, but you are the hands-down frontrunner in the most-comments-ever-received-by-a-blog-post department. And, yes, I am jealous.

adding to the tally.

Tally ho!