• Posted on: 6 February 2007
  • By: Rhonda

If you would like to be on my show The Info Show. Let me know. And if you want me to talk about a cetain topic let me know that too.

My email is: the_info_show_cctv@yahoo.com


What kind of info will you be highlighting on the Info Show?


Just wanted to let you know that you get your own blog address on the CCTV website:


Post to it and then pass the address around to your friends. Pretty cool, huh?

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All kinds of subjects. The first one is a dedication to Laura Montgomery. She encouraged me to get my own show. I will be interviewing her. Subjects about information people need to know about and anything people want to know about. all kinds of info on teens, drinking and driving, bullying, ect.

Rhonda McPherson

Rhonda, if you end up finding out what kind of info people need that they are having trouble finding, please consider letting us know so that we can support your efforts on Channel 9, and also make stuff available on our web site that might not be available elsewhere.
Thanks alot! (say hello to Laura, she's one of CCTV's best ambassadors.)

Thank you very much. I will let you know. I will say hi to Laura.
Rhonda McPherson

My first show is February 13th at 5pm. It is about a dedication to Laura. She encouraged me to get my own show. I will be interviewing her. I will talking about all kinds of topics there after.
Rhonda McPherson

All kinds of info. Is there something your interested in hearing about? Or would you like to be on my show?