Building Community On-line: An Introduction

Building Community On-line: An Introduction

  • Posted on: 5 February 2007
  • By: jmc

CCTV has decided to put real resources behind growing our web presence to augment our 3 existing cable channels. We want to experiment with building community with media on-line in order to amplify independent, Cambridge voices already on the web as well train those on the other side of the digital divide to get Internet savvy. We want create a space for technical training and real world networking starting with our virtual community network.

Over next few weeks you'll be reading posts on how to create a CCTV user account; how to make a blog space for yourself on CCTV's website; how to encode video for the web; how to upload a photo to the web; and much more.

Stay tuned as CCTV experiments with MySpace,, i-Tunes and more as this community television channels goes on-line.

Photo credit: "People Voting in Cambridge, MA November 7, 2006"betsythedevine