CCTV Human Service News and Information TV Program/Blog Alert/Update:Hasson Rashid Speaks Out On Three Cambridge Day Articles (7/18,7/11,7/10)!

CCTV Human Service News and Information TV Program/Blog Alert/Update:Hasson Rashid Speaks Out On Three Cambridge Day Articles (7/18,7/11,7/10)!

The Cause and Blame of the Recent and Ungodly Violent and Sometimes Deadly, Delinquent Behavior and Unnecessary Bloodshed is at City Hall!

  • Posted on: 21 July 2022

Peace Be Unto You

On Friday June 24, 2022 I responded and commented, to the Cambridge Day (CD) article entitled “Drug use and violence among a plaza’s unhoused infiltrates Manning public housing, residents say,” By Nicholas Miller and Marc Levy. In my comment, I stated that

“As long as the powers that be keep spending monies allotted by government agencies,etc.,for the purpose of addressing and eradicating, homelessness on other insignificant purposes. The type of social problems described in the above article will continue, and possibly even get worst. The fault is with the municipal policy makers and administrative leadership.”

The actual blame, its origins and manifestation of the ungodly violent delinquent behavior, reported on by the CD has its spring boards at city hall. What happen to those selected entities and individuals that the checks are being written and cut for, such as those Harvard/MIT, etc., trained social scientist, urban outreach specialist, human service provider entities, conventional and alternative public safety groups, appointed ecumenical task force on police related social problems, mayoral/city council appointed committees, etc., to deal with pressing social problems such as this ungodly violent and sometimes deadly, delinquent behavior and unnecessary bloodshed. Their efforts of preventing violent and deadly social behavior are never apparent. They are getting paid for doing absolutely nothing. God bless the first responders they always do the best that they can.

It is totally unfair to blame the homeless, those with no resources as being the cause of these types of social problems and ungodly delinquent behavior, the city hall is directly responsible for the kindling of this type hell fire. When our municipal policy makers, and other city administrators redirect public funding allocations, designated to improve the domestic conditions of the city’s poor segments of the population to accommodate, other trifling and unnecessary causes, then I say that is the match that ignites and kindles, the ungodly hellfire violent and sometimes deadly delinquent behavior in our midst.

Finally, it saddens me to speculate that the City of Cambridge can anticipate an increase and more of the ungodly violent, and sometimes deadly delinquent social behavior of its highly confused, younger members of the community, if public funding designated to prevent violent, etc., social problems are continuously diverted away in other directions. It is totally criminal and sinful, to deprive poor peoples, especially the homeless in which an overwhelming percentage are black men, women, and children, from government funding, etc., that has been officially designated and allotted to them.

Yours In Peace
Hasson Rashid
Concerned Citizen
Human Service News and Information TV Program/ CCTV Blog
Citizen Journalist
Cambridge, MA