Meeting Minutes for January 29, 2007

Meeting Minutes for January 29, 2007

MAO Committee Meeting Minutes for January 29, 2007


Maggie, Chrisann, Eli, and Colin


* Telecom Legislation - Eli and Colin gave an update on current legislative and FCC actions regarding telecom entry into video services and the negative impact on PEG stations, including CCTV. Colin mentioned that he would speak to the Board on Wednesday to learn more about where CCTV is headed in terms of raising awareness about the legislation and opportunities for PSAs, TV programs, or other mobilization efforts.

* Website Participation - We discussed ways that the MAO Committee might help increase member and community participation in using the website.

Increasing Web Participation:

The MAO Committee discussed participating in a three part outreach/marketing campaign over the next two months to involve more people in learning how to use the website and create online community.

1. Email (newsletter form)
2. TV spots
3. Class - Intro to CCTV website

Closer look:

1. Email would let people know that there are resources on the website to learn . . .

a. how to create a user account
b. how to create a blog post
c. how to create a group

2. A series a 3-min. TV spots that would introduce people to the above a, b, & c. Spots could be played between shows.

3. Colin talked about offering a class to members that would help them to set up an account, create a blog post and learn about how to use groups.


* Creating a FAQ section on the website about how to use the website.

* Creating short videos for website and channels about how to use the website.

* Creating an introductory course on how to set up a user account, create a blog post, and use the Groups functionality.

* Drafting text for the email (see above, #1)

* Reaching out to access producers to set-up a blog as a promotional tool for their show (for English and non-English speakers alike).

For Next Meeting:

* Use the MAO Committee Group to develop each of the above areas.

* (Colin) Meet with Jason to discuss screen capture videos & TV spots.

* Reach out to producers to encourage them to create blogs for their shows.

* Stay on top of telecom legislative updates both at the state and national levels.


this is great, MAO committee! I am going to meet with a potential new intern (Vanessa, I think Colin knows her..) to talk about a marketing plan for the web site..I'll let you know what happens.