CCTV Programming Aug 30 - Sep 5

CCTV Programming Aug 30 - Sep 5

What's New to CCTV? A List of Programs to Check Out This Week!

  • Posted on: 29 August 2021
  • By: Alfonso

Music Programming
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The Showcase at Starlight Square ft. Shotdy, Aumi Luxe, Keanu Damon, and Aldra, a music showcase shot on June 17, 2021 @ Starlight Square, featuring Boston area performers Shotdy, Aumi Luxe, Keanu Damon (host), and Aldra. DJ sets throughout by Caprison.
4 PM on Mon 8/30
6 PM on Tue 8/31
7 PM on Thurs 9/2, Fri 9/3
8 PM on Sun 9/5

Springfield Jazz & Roots Festival 2021: Henri Smith, Relive the best moments from the 2021 Springfield Jazz & Roots Festival! Produced by Focus Springfield.
7 PM on Mon 8/30
2 PM on Tue 8/31
6:30 PM on Wed 9/1, Sun 9/5
1:30 PM on Fri 9/3

Film & Media Programming
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SMI 2021 Screening Reel, a few selections from all the media projects produced by our youth students, ranging from animations, commercials, and short documentaries. Produced by the CCTV Youth Media Program.
6 PM on Mon 8/30
1 PM on Tue 8/31
3 PM on Wed 9/1
5 PM on Fri 9/3

Cinema Bytes: Black Cinema, Cinema Bytes reviews issues and topics within classic and contemporary films. Season 3 of Cinema Bytes tackles "Black Contemporary Cinema". In this series Dr. Amy Lewis and Nwenna Kai will focus and bring to light films that reflect black people. Produced by Community College of Philadelphia.
8 PM on Mon 8/30
3 PM on Tue 8/31
4:30 PM on Wed 9/1
1 PM on Thurs 9/2
2:30 PM on Fri 9/3

Two Grannies on the Road: Lobster Roll & Clam Chowder, a quest for some lobster rolls and clam chowder. Produced by PACTV Plymouth.
2:30 PM on Mon 8/30, Wed 9/1
4 PM on Tue 8/31
3:30 PM on Thurs 9/2
1 PM on Fri 9/3

All About Vaccine
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Vaccine Misinformation: A New Report from the COVID States Project, A team of researchers from the COVID States Project will discuss the findings from their new report released this week on the association between vaccine misinformation and vaccine uncertainty and resistance. Produced by Shorenstein Center.
1 PM on Mon 8/30, Wed 9/1
4:30 PM on Tue 8/31
2 PM on Thurs 9/2
3:30 PM on Fri 9/3

Tune in to Channel 9 from Friday through Sunday for our Youth Programming weekend marathon as we wrap up our Summer Media Institute! Friday 9/3 from 6-9 PM, Saturday 9/4 from 12 PM-Midnight & Sunday 9/5 from 12-4 PM on CCTV Channel 9.