Cambridge! What Is a Homeless Trust FUND (HTF)Trust Fund?

Cambridge! What Is a Homeless Trust FUND (HTF)Trust Fund?

 First God Almighty must bless Cambridge with a Homeless Trust Fund then everything else will take to it like stock to a soup. 

  • Posted on: 25 March 2021

Peace Be Unto You

Dear Cambridge Citizenry and Residents, it is time for Cambridge to step up and bring into existence a Homeless Trust Fund (HTF), the local homeless mosaic and sector deserve's one. I Hasson Rashid tried to deliver a HTF to Cambridge, but then City Manager Rossi, Mayor McGovern and company had other thoughts about instituting a HTF for Cambridge. They trashed the ideal of a HTF  for Cambridge. This was way back in 2016, but I'm here in 2021 once again in support of a HTF, and to circumvent the errors of their ways in rejecting the 2016 HTF proposal. It's death on the then city manager's desk was nebulous and suspicious. Today is a new day for a Homeless Trust Fund and Advisory Task Force  to become a reality here in Cambridge, MA. A previous municipal policy making administration failed to move the HTF on to become a public law local ordinance . Its only fair that the current municipal policy makers, and future ones correct the mistakes of previous municipal policy makers, and install a HTF and HTF Advisory Task Force. If I wasn't here pushing for a HTF, I know it would be the last thing on the local municipal policy makers minds, if not on their minds at all.  Our local policy makers should be encouraged to initiate the function of the HTF for the good of the whole community at large.

What Is a Homeless Trust FUND (HTF)Trust Fund?

A Homeless Trust Fund trust fund is a planning tool that establishes a legal entity to hold property or assets for homeless persons or organizations.  A neutral third party, called a Advisory Task Force, is tasked with managing the assets.  Homeless Trust Funds can hold a variety of assets, such as money, real property, stocks and bonds, a business, or a combination of many different types of properties or assets.  HTF can be formed under a variety of forms and stipulatio, there is growing interest in the creation of homeless trust funds, particularly at the local level.  These funds bring the opportunity to design programs that are specifically targeted to the needs and opportunities working with the local homeless population present.   Some existing homeless trust funds provide primarily grants to service organizations, with less emphasis on creating new housing opportunities.  Other homeless trust funds place greater emphasis on providing affordable housing, but do so, in combination with services and other initiatives directed to the homeless population.  While some housing trust funds permit funds to be spent to address solely the needs of the homeless population.   Most homeless trust funds provide grants to organizations that provide housing and essential services for individuals and families striving to end their state of homelessness and becoming self-sufficient and permanently housed.  Funds also support emergency shelters and transitional housing facilities, coordination of existing community services, and often incorporate available federal funds.  Washington’s program supports the city's Ten Year Plans to End Homelessness and enables each county to retain a portion of the dedicated revenue for this purpose.  HTFs Can be used  to support a housing voucher program and housing development to enable the community’s homeless to access available housing.


DRAFT MODEL OF CAMBRIDGE MA “HOMELESSNESS TRUST FUND” MODEL CITY COUNCIL ORDINANCE (Providing Cambridge, MA with flexible and cost-effective resources to help Homeless citizens and residents achieve self-sufficiency and create stable homes).Cambridge Massachusetts City Council Ordinance An ordinance establishing a Cambridge, Massachusetts Homelessness Trust Fund.Whereas, homelessness is a significant problem in and around Cambridge, MA affecting both families with children and vulnerable adults;
Whereas, the trauma and instability of homelessness will impair the mental and physical health of these children and adults, and will undermine their treatment, education and employment prospects;
Whereas, homelessness will place additional strain on the schools that struggle to keep homeless children enrolled and learning, and the hospitals and emergency rooms that must care for homeless people whose illnesses would never have occurred if they had permanent housing;
Whereas, a large number of homeless families and individuals are not eligible for adequate assistance under the categorically limited federal and state programs currently available;
Whereas, Cambridge, MA has approved or pending a “10 Year Plan to End Homelessness” that addresses, housing for homeless persons as required by the aforementioned statute;
Whereas, said statute authorizes the collection by the City of Cambridge, MA of a surcharge 3-5 dollars for each document recorded by the City Clerk’s office, to be used exclusively for the Trust Fund, which surcharge will be in addition to any other charge allowed by law;
Whereas, establishment of a Cambridge, MA “Homelessness Trust Fund” would also leverage scarce federal and state funding and assist in implementing Cambridge’s, MA “10 Year Plan to End Homelessness,” etc;
Whereas, the Cambridge, MA “Homelessness Trust Fund” supplemented by dedicated staff, volunteers, and resources from the private sector and local, state and federal governments, would help hundreds of families and individuals in Cambridge, MA move into permanent housing and thus provide a healthier, more stable living environment;
Whereas, programs focused on ending homelessness can reduce public costs to hospitals, emergency rooms, jails, prisons, psychiatric centers, detox programs, law enforcement and foster care systems; etc.
Whereas,  establishes a Cambridge, MA “Homelessness Trust Fund Task Force” which is defined as the voluntary local committee created to advise the City on the creation of a local homeless housing plan and participate in a local homeless housing program;

Now you Cambridge citizens and residents have some type of  brief draft and ideal of what a HTF is about and entails for those of you all that don't know.  As concerning defunding the police department or any other city department  goes, the defunded amounts of revenue should be placed in a Homeless Trust Fund to help end and eradicate local homelessness.  So should a percentage if not all of the fees and revenues collected by the Cambridge Redevelopment Agency from developers,etc., be placed in a Homeless Trust Fund.  The local Biotech industry and others industry,etc., here in Cambridge should also be mandated to pay revenue fees into a local Homeless Trust Fund.   First God Almighty must bless Cambridge with a Homeless Trust Fund then everything else will take to it like stock to a soup. 

Thank you for reading these humble words.

Yours In Peace,
Mr. Hasson Rashid
Concerned Citizen
Cambridge,MAMarch 25,2021