End US Neocolonialism in Haiti!

End US Neocolonialism in Haiti!

March 29 is the anniversary of the 1987 Haitian Constitution.

Monday, March 29, 2021 - 1:00pm

End US Neocolonialism in Haiti
March 29 is the anniversary of the 1987 Haitian Constitution written after the 1986 overthrow of the brutal Jean-Claude Duvalier dictatorship. The 1987 Constitution was designed to create “a socially just, economically free, and politically independent Haitian nation.” Those ideals are again in crisis.

The US-backed de facto president of Haiti Jovenel Moïse is refusing to leave office even though his term ended on February 7. Moïse and his Western allies – the US, Canada, Brazil, France, Spain and the European Union – are trying to push through a new constitution that takes power away from the people

The Haitian people have been bravely holding mass demonstrations, especially on Sundays, for months calling for Moïse to step down so they can appoint an interim leader and hold an election. The state response to their demonstrations has been violent repression.

The Biden administration and the Democrats who have been so vocal over Trump’s threats to stay in office are enabling the same behavior by a president in Haiti. The Biden administration and Democrats have loudly stated that Black lives matter while being silent about the violence perpetrated against Haitians.

We demand that the Biden administration:
1. End its support for Jovenel Moïse.
2. Withdraw from participation in Haiti’s constitutional process.
3. Stop interfering in the internal affairs of Haiti.
4. Stop deporting Haitians who are fleeing their country.

Meet at 1:00 at the JFK Federal Building, Cambridge Street side. Yes, I’ll be there!

Organized by Massachusetts Peace Action and Latin America Solidarity Coalition WMASS. Cosponsored by the Greater Hartford Cuba Solidarity Committee and the US Peace Council.

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