Virtual Workshop Series: Creative Money with Ayana Mack

Virtual Workshop Series: Creative Money with Ayana Mack

Broken into 4 sessions, each workshop will include strategies to monetize creative talent and service.

Thursday, March 18, 2021 - 6:00pm

The class will meet for 4 consecutive Thursdays, beginning March 18, 2021.

Broken into 4 topics (described below), the workshop series will cover networking, marketing, and much more. Each workshop will include strategies to monetize creative talent and service. Ayana will be sharing critical resources, tips, and her unique expertise for artists and creatives looking to enhance and build their creative business. Ayana will also focus on utilizing free resources as a strategy for reducing overhead costs. Weekly session topics are as follows:

Session 1: March 18, Laying the Foundation ​- The value of business courses, free opportunities, grants and resources available to help with starting or growing your business.

Session 2: March 25, Intentional Networking and Relationship Building - ​What networking was like pre-COVID, how things have shifted and what we can do now to successfully build our network virtually. Also, tips on generating new leads and developing genuine connections with people.

Session 3: April 1, Testing the Market -​ Analyzing who your competitors are and understanding how to test your product or service with an audience. Also, covering what risk taking looks like for artists/creatives.

Session 4: April 8, Marketing and Social Media -​ Sharing resources, but spending more time diving into strategy. (Tips from my role as a Social Media Strategist & Manager). Discuss platforms, risk taking,

About Ayana Mack

For nearly ten years, Ayana Mack has worked with early-stage and established businesses/organizations. With a focus on brand development, print marketing, merchandise, product design & more. Some of the clients Ayana has worked with include Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, The Boston Arts & Music Soul, Inc., Massachusetts Association of Realtors®, Boston Public Schools and more. As an artist, she creates bright and texture-rich work to enrich communities and uplift individuals. Inspired by personal experiences, Black culture, and self-love, she shares essential messages through art while inspiring others to discover their passion. Over the last couple of years, Ayana has displayed and sold work in and outside of Boston, MA. One way Ayana brings awareness to the power of community is through public art. Working within communities of color across Boston and sharing her passion is one of her major goals. Over the last couple of years, she has completed two temporary public art pieces in Mattapan and Roxbury, MA. Lastly, she participates in panel discussions and speaking engagements, highlighting and bringing awareness to the artistic talent in communities of color.

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