Cambridge Black American Doctor Rev. Dr. Robert A. Bennett, Jr. Forced out of His home

Cambridge Black American Doctor Rev. Dr. Robert A. Bennett, Jr. Forced out of His home

Retired Black American Cambridge Episcopal Divinity School Proffesor/ Harvard Doctorate is a Victim of Local Systematic Racism!

  • Posted on: 14 September 2020

Peace Be Unto You!

What is most amazing about all of this is the multiple and continuing lies – most told under oath by people working for a state agency; by attorneys; by their clients. Are these called “grifters”.

The elderly are so badly treated in Probate and Family Court that motions are filed in their name – without their knowledge – without their consent and everyone acting as though this is fine and the way things are and should be done in Court.

It might surprise you, but many elderly people are perfectly able to talk, think, write, walk, dance, run and more and yet they are portrayed as “incapacitated.” That word is used in many cases to keep the elderly from appearing in Court so they will not contradict the story line being used to gain access to and spend down their assets.

What follows is a notarized statement by Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett in response to papers he and his family were given by strangers who got them from someplace – and thank God for such caring people.

These are motions and other such papers filed in Court under Robert Bennett’s name about which he knew nothing, which were not signed by Robert Bennett, some were undersigned by his Court Appointed attorney who has never contacted him; never talked to him neither in person nor on the phone nor by email. Their first contact was when Robert Bennett started motioning the Court for the removal of this Court appointed attorney.

We will let these papers stand on their own because we want you to know what Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett and his wife, Marceline Donaldson, are going through. We want you to know every detail because others are going through the same thing. We received calls, and other contacts from people who are desperate and who have been made destitute when they spent their lives accumulating a “nest egg” for their old age and something to pass along to their children. That “nest egg” seems to be the reason for all of this. It is no accident that this started against the Donaldson/Bennett’s shortly after they put their house on the market for sale and they changed their minds and took it off the market. And then all hell broke loose.


Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett’s statement – sworn to and notarized

I am attaching documents that were filed in my name with Middlesex Probate and Family Court. One claim of these documents was that I am “indigent”.

1) “Order Appointing Counsel” was filed 3/5/2020 claiming “elder abuse”.

I knew nothing about this document. I did not request an attorney be appointed on my behalf. I knew nothing about this action and I did not know nor had ever heard of Cheri Myette. Over the months that followed Cheri Myette did not contact me; did not answer my contact to her which included telephone calls and emails. Nor did she respond to my wife’s telephone calls and emails to her. She was apparently appointed as a space saver so other attorneys could not represent me and motions I filed on my own behalf would not be heard by nor taken seriously by the Court because I had a Court appointed attorney.

Attorney Myette was appointed in an “ex parte” hearing on March 6, 2020. She filed motions which claimed many things which are lies and apparently meant to further the case of Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services’ attempt to take over my life; to make the end of my life miserable; to incarcerate me in a nursing home with restraints on a steady diet of anti-psychotic medications; to make and then keep me “incapacitated” and more – things they have done to other African Americans.

Protective Services Agencies in other areas of Massachusetts besides Boston/Cambridge partnering with attorneys in Massachusetts have done similar things to Jews, African Americans, immigrants and other minorities.

2) A form entitled ” Motion for Funds for Independent Examination.”

I knew nothing about this motion. This was not done on my behalf by anyone. This was done to further the goals of the “grifters” trying to strip me of any assets I might have.

I was forced out of my home on March 3, 2020 by the Cambridge police with an order signed by Dr. Rebecca Warner, psychiatrist who said in the Section 12 she filed against me that “she never met me, never examined me, never visited by home but was signing a Section 12 to have me picked up, forced into Mount Auburn Hospital to be “sectioned”.

3) I refused to go. The police were very clear, if I did not go I would be picked up by them and forcibly put into the ambulance waiting outside for me.

4) My wife asked why was I being forced to go to Mount Auburn Hospital when I was just discharged two days prior from MGH. The police did not know, but if that made a difference they would take me to MGH instead.

5) I was taken to MGH against my will.

6) I was discharged from MGH on March 4th at 3:30am with the Section 12 “lifted” and told I could go home.

7) My wife and I went home.

8. On March 6th I was forced into MGH again by the Cambridge Police and this time supposedly on a charge of “elder abuse.” The claim included several things which basically said I was being “medically abused” by my wife. It claimed I was the one making the claim.

This motion says I swore to several things – I did not know anything about this motion and I swore to nothing. What they have me swearing to is a lie and I believe was conjured up so they could go after my assets as they have gone after the assets of other African Americans, Jews, immigrants and other minorities, after they have gone through a process of making those minorities “incapacitated” or as close to “incapacitated” as possible.

They used the charge of “elder abuse” to send the police to take me out of a house I lived in for 36 years with a wife I was married to for 37 years. They had to get me out of the house “immediately” because my life and health were at stake.

This motion says “In support hereof the Respondent swears and avers that: 1. He is indigent

I am not indigent and I did not swear to any such thing. Yesterday was the first time I saw that motion – dated March 6, 2020.

I did not know about this document nor about this motion nor did anyone else in my family know about this or had seen it.

2. The motion continues: “He has a right under the United States and Massachusetts Constitutions to the services of a clinician at the Commonwealth’s expense where, as here, the Commonwealth seeks to deprive a Respondent of a substantial liberty interest as a result of its allegations as to his mental status and need for inpatient psychiatric care and treatment. See, Are v. Oklahoma, 470 U. S. 68 (1985).

I knew nothing about this. My liberty was forcibly taken away from me twice by Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services without cause and without a hearing – or rather my liberty was taken after an ex parte hearing requested by Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services without my foreknowledge and without my request.

I did not contact them nor did I ask for help on any level. I was well taken care of by my wife, adult children and the community surrounding us. They made allegations as to my mental status without proof of any kind.

SCES did this to promote their services and to force African Americans into their agency forcing me and others to accept what we did not need nor want.

3. In the alternative, the Court must, pursuant too G.L. c.261, article 27C, authorize the expenditure of funds necessary to secure such services where, as here, such services are reasonably necessary to assure that Respondent is able to prosecute this action in as effective manner as would be available to a person of means. Commonwealth v. Lockley, 381 Mass. 156 (1980). In respect thereto, Respondent further asserts that it cannot reasonably be argued that a person of means, facing the possibility of the involuntary Pilgrim Rehabization, would ever knowingly choose not to expend his funds to secure the assistance of an independent clinical expert. See e.g. Guardianship of a Mentally Ill Person, Mass. App. Ct. No. 85-0018 Civ. (Dreben J. 1/28/85).

This was especially amazing since such an independent clinical expert had done such a job and “lifted” the Section 12 and sent me home. SCES, Attorney O’Sullivan and their group were not going to let go because they thought my assets were too tempting nor to raid and destroy.

Again I reiterate I knew nothing about this. No one determined that I was mentally ill. In fact, MGH psychiatrists made the determination that the Section 12 was lifted which was filed by Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services and Attorney James O’Sullivan – which they have done against African Americans, Jews, immigrants and others in the past. In other words, MGH psychiatrist found I was not mentally ill and there was no reason for my having been picked up and forced into the hospital. The motion ends with WHEREFORE it is respectfully requested that the above Motion be allowed. It also says on the signature lines “Respectfully submitted, Robert Bennett, By his attorney s/s Cheri Myette”

Again, I have never met Cheri Myette. I had never spoken to her. I had no idea these folks were running into Court to get this motion against me to take away my freedom. This was done in my name without my knowledge or consent and I was totally capable of giving both.

They took it upon themselves to accuse my wife of abusing me because that allowed them to send the police to take me out of my home once again and to continue on with what I consider a criminal conspiracy which has been practiced against many by the same people and others across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

On March 4, 2020 at 3:30 am I was discharged from MGH with “no medicines prescribed” yet as a result of this motion they filed the abuse charge against my wife. SCES claimed that “It is alleged that Mr. Bennett’s medical needs are not being met in part, he may not be taking his prescribed medications.

They did not tell the Court that Robert Bennett was discharged with “no medicines prescribed.” So what does all of the above mean?

The “Temporary Order” also claims Robert Bennett needs “appropriate supervision”. needs rehab; needs medical follow-up; etc. etc.

What they did not say was the discharge with “no medicines prescribed and all vitals normal including blood pressure made that a ridiculous decision.

What the motion also ignored was that SCES was behind forcing me into Sherrill House for rehab as the only place I could go. My choice was Spaulding, however, I was told Sherrill House was the only place I could go.

With that choice they sent me to a rehab, nursing home which was under quarantine and did not have the same level of expertise, etc. that would have been available to me at Spaulding.

Having visited Spaulding when friends were there I was able to see their level of care and rehab that I did not see at Sherrill House. My choice was taken away from me and my wife, as my Health Care Proxy, was also eliminated from that decision. When my wife and I visited both places it was clear that Spaulding was white – Sherrill House was brown to black and the way that was maintained was what I was experiencing with no choice as to which institution I would receive rehab.

I was also forced to accept a visiting nurse/home health care group without having a choice in the matter and in the process of that I was sexually abused by one of the people who were supposedly giving me better care than my wife could give.

Dr. Rebecca Warner was the psychiatrist who signed the Section 12 which was ‘lifted’ by MGH. That should have settled the matter. Instead, she continued to be involved pushing the matter and attempting to clearly diagnose me as “incapacitated” and filling me full of drugs which could have done serious damage to me mentally and physically.

With the Section 12 she was not paid the $2,000 they paid Dr. Rebecca Warner to go to MGH to give me Hallucinatory Drugs, anti-psychotics with no reason, anti-seizure medications for five weeks on a daily basis which probably has negatively affected my brain and all the other 8 to 10 drugs I was forced to take. In other words the state paid for Dr. Warner to set me on a program to incapacitate me so I could then me forced into a nursing home in constraints for the rest of my life.

Dr. Warner’s license should be immediately suspended pending a hearing as to whether her license should be permanently removed.

That “Temporary Order” is dated March 6, 2020 – the date the police forced their way into my home at 6pm and threatened to drag my out if I didn’t walk out with them and if they broke anything or had to break the door down they said they had the right to do that and they would not be financially responsible for any damage done. They also said they had to right to go all through my home, if that was necessary, to get me to drag me out to put me into the ambulance waiting outside to take me to MGH.

Present when this happened was my wife, Marceline Donaldson. My son, Mark Bennett, his wife Karen Bennett and my daughter Ann Bennett. But, somehow these African Americans were not adequate to see about my well being and could not satisfy what the Court thought I needed and forced upon me. What they forced on me were whites replacing the African American family and community within which I lived.

The person who was supposed to do this “examination of me” was Dr. Rebecca Warner, the psychiatrist who swore out the Section 12 which put me, against my will in MGH on March 3rd. Dr. Warner is the psychiatrist who said in the Section 12 that she did not know me, had never met me, had never been to my home yet she forced me out of my home with police and declared my home of 36 years ‘unsafe’.

To swear this out – to lie under oath saying I requested this motion be allowed when I did not and knew nothing about it violates every right I have and has destroyed my wife’s reputation.

This has been an unbelievable experience and has shown me clearly one does not have to be involved in claimed criminal activity to have these horrendous interactions with the police and the Court which were clearly totally unjustified with a clear attempt to destroy my life, my family, and to see that my assets would be drawn down and turned over to whites instead of being help in the hands of African Americans. That apparently violates this Court’s ethic. – And yes, I am angry! Wouldn’t you be angry?

Respectfully Submitted,

s/s Rev. Dr. Robert A. Bennett, Jr.

I did not request, submit, want the above submitted because it is a lie conjured up by Ms. Myette and probably with the help of Attorney O’Sullivan and Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services. I did not see this document until yesterday when someone brought it to our house and apparently put it through the mail slot. I had never met Attorney Myette, knew nothing about her, did not know I needed an attorney.

We hired Burns & Levinson to represent me. They did not. They decided on their own to represent my wife instead without our knowledge or consent. They said they did that because I already had a Court appointed attorney. They did not talk to my wife about this case except very superficially and they knew they had been hired to represent Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett.

When they represented my wife, they omitted crucial facts –

They did not include the fact that the Section 12 had been filed by Dr. Rebecca Warner and lifted because it should not have been filed in the first place.

They did not let me, my wife nor the Court know the above motion had not been requested, not filed, not wanted by me.


Robert A. Bennett, Jr.

Yours In Peace
Mr. Hasson Rashid
Concerned Cambridge Citizen