Quarantine Crazies

Quarantine Crazies

What's under that mask?

  • Posted on: 22 August 2020
  • By: bevmire

This sucks, and it sucks more and more every day.

It sucks so bad I embraced the loose fitting shorts that would make a teenager’s butt crack proud. There are no trips to the hair salon, no pedicures, no manicures. I don’t feel guilty about sometimes forgetting to brush my teeth after lunch, and have stopped worrying about deodorant failures until even I can smell them.

Well, I’m here to tell you that “letting yourself go,” as my grandmother used to call it, only makes things worse.

I figured that out this morning when I decided to brave crossing the great water (the Charles) and heading south to Dorchester to bring a friend a tomato cobbler in return for him bringing me fresh tomatoes.

As I compiled the now-compulsory leave-the-house list (mask, sanitizer, spray bottle of grain alcohol), I caught a glimpse of my scowling self in the mirror. I saw tension in my neck, clenching teeth, an unappealing scowl. I was gross.

As if hypnotized, I looked down at my long-neglected, cluttered makeup tray. Without realizing it, my right hand moved toward the months-unused pink powder blush I used to apply daily. I flipped it open and it looked so good I almost ate it. After brushing some on my cheek I felt a confidence I hadn’t felt since February 25, 2020. Next I grabbed my perfume, sprayed some above my head, and let it rain on me like a refreshing summer shower.

I moved a few things around looking for my magic wand. There it was. Black and round with a little pink label that said “henna.” I opened the tube and twirled up the brownish colored cylinder. I put it up to my nose and inhaled the familiar aroma.

I was about to apply it to my lips when I saw a mask lying next to the tray.

A mask. A necessary ornament these days. You can’t leave home without one. Masks cover a multitude of sins. Bad breath. Bad teeth for that matter. Gray, tobacco-stained mustaches. Moles. Chapped lips. And, oh yeah, they deter COVID.

I’m hit with a dilemma: not to bother coloring my lips because no one will see them it anyway; or, to go ahead and smear some on even though I’ll just cover them with a cheesy blue paper mask.

I go for the latter knowing that, really, all I’ll have to show for it is a lip print on the inside of the mask.

On the other hand, wearing lipstick will feel sooooo good.