Greymatter takes over News Page

Greymatter takes over News Page

  • Posted on: 14 October 2002
  • By: owner

Like the way the News page looks? CCTV has configured a weblog software to manage our news and announcements, which makes it easier for us here at the office to keep you up to date with current affairs without all of us being professional web developers. The best parts of this "blog" system is that old articles are automatically archived in a searchable format, and the ability to create book length entries without taking up the entire front news page... note the "more" button at the end of paragraphs. This was a free CGI script package called Greymatter which anyone can download and install on their own server, to give credit where credit is due, visit to get your own copy of this great software.

Update: June 2005. Note that our new content management system is now a package called Drupal. Visit their website to learn how to use their well designed script package to build an online community with your interests!


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