S1E1 - Pilot Episode

S1E1 - Pilot Episode

  • Posted on: 19 December 2019
  • By: CCTV


Written by Naomi Hinchen and J.T. Hinchen

Astrid: Cari Keebaugh
Em: Naomi Hinchen
SID: Eric Cheung
Bradford: Sarah Parisi Boci
Robot Butler: J.T. Hinchen
Ensemble: Katie Meyers, Mike Sprague

Logo design by Katie Meyers
Sound design and editing by J.T. Hinchen

Sound effects (used under Creative Commons Attribution license, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/):

From Freesound.org:
Doorbell 1.wav by bennstir
microwave beep.wav by KeyKrusher
Cinema Boom impact #3 by beman87
Radio Tuning.mp3 by cdiaz
footsteps on metal .mp3 by soundmary
Daggergun by JarAxe
Interior Spaceship Ambience.wav by lewis100011
Spaceship whoosh 1 by steshystesh
Sewer Soundscape, A.wav by InspectorJ
spaceship-boom-render-wav by Ideacraft
Toyota Remote Unlock All Doors.wav by DomainHunter
Drip Echo by SpiceProgram
Door_Hinge02.flac by corpocracy
Abstract Spaceship A01, Descending.wav by InspectorJ
FX_Squeaky_Hinge_01.wav by PeteBarry
Spaceship_Door_Open.wav by DWOBoyle
Spaceship passing .aif by andybuckdawg
Rocket shoot 001.wav by cydon
Snipping of Soft Wire (Side Cutter) by 1san
safe.wav by cognito perceptu
possiblelazer.wav by aust_paul
Servo noises by peridactyloptrix
Large Engine.wav by NHumphrey
Large Rocket Engine by Zovex
Bullet Hit Metal by coolguy244e
Rocket Thrust effect.wav by LimitSnap_Creations
Seatbelt.wav by Plutoniumisotop
Water + glass bottle, sloshing 3 by giddster
Heavy Mechancial Door Open by lowpolygon
Ball Catching .wav by TOMPARSONS
Space Door Slide Close by MicktheMicGuy
Emergency Siren by onderwish
Footsteps by vitoriabueno
Spaceship Door Opening.wav by MarcusGraham325

Additional sounds from YouTube Audio Library

Music from YouTube Audio Library:
Arpy by Dan Henig
Space Difficulties by Sir Cubworth
Final Boss by Myuu
Magical Gravity by Asher Fulero
Tribal War Council by Doug Maxwell
Cemetary Clown by Sir Cubworth
Haunt by Silent Partner

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