Cambridge Uncovered Festival Entry

Cambridge Uncovered Festival Entry

Festival Entry: Informational Talk Show ...

  • Posted on: 24 March 2017
  • By: CCTV

Festival Entry: Informational Talk Show

Cambridge Uncovered is an informational talk series that seeks to "uncover" or go in-depth on matters important to Cambridge residents. The show is produced by staff and volunteers involved in CCTV's citizen journalism project,

In this compilation, you will see clips from three Cambridge Uncovered episodes. In the first clip, NeighborMedia coordinator Frank Morris explores the topic of human trafficking in Cambridge with local anti-trafficking professionals. The clip reveals that, yes, sex trafficking does take take place in our city, and that even young boys are at risk. The episode later provides viewers with actions they can take if they suspect trafficking is occurring in their neighborhoods.

In the second clip, NeighborMedia intern Sarah Moawad brings on three Cambridge residents to talk about the Muslim experience in Cambridge. They discuss how the political climate has led to anti-Muslim rhetoric, and though they have each faced some amount of discrimination, they are fortunate to be living in an overall welcoming environment such as Cambridge.

In the third clip, NeighborMedia citizen journalist Maurice Wilkey brings on a Cambridge police detective to discuss crime trends in Cambridge, and in particular, violent crime. While there have been a number of shootings and stabbings in the city over the past few years that have definitely shook the city and its residents, these incidents appear to be isolated, and overall crime is going down in Cambridge.