CCTV's Hasson Rashid's Community Preservation ACT (CPA) 2020 Project Proposal, Delivered at CPA Public Hearing at Cambridge City Hall (6/20/19)

CCTV's Hasson Rashid's Community Preservation ACT (CPA) 2020 Project Proposal, Delivered at CPA Public Hearing at Cambridge City Hall (6/20/19)


  • Posted on: 21 June 2019

Hasson Rashid's Community Preservation ACT (CPA) 2020 Project Proposal delivered at CPA public Hearing at Cambridge City Hall on June 20, 2019 is as follows:

Title "Providing Useful, Sustainable, and Affordable Housing for Those Who are Experiencing Homelessness."

Peace Be Unto You Everybody

My project proposal for Community Preservation Act Funding (CPA) falls within the Affordable Housing Option for CPA Funding. It calls for the creation of “Tiny Houses” for the Homeless, an innovative solution for addressing homelessness. Tiny houses designed to house the homeless are inexpensive to buy and maintain, they require less energy, and have a smaller carbon footprints; and they naturally encourage sharing and consuming less. This project proposal calls for offering Affordable Housing to chronically homeless, etc., citizens in “Tiny Houses.” The price of Tiny Houses for the homeless will cost tax payers, less than what it cost to not house the homeless. The creation of Tiny Houses for the homeless should be the next step toward solving homelessness in Cambridge, MA.

A tiny house Village is a low-cost way to house the city’s homeless population. A “tiny house” is defined as a small structure (from 70—200 square feet in size) designed to provide temporary shelter for the homeless, usually with insulation and electrical wiring but without bathroom or cooking facilities (although they are provided nearby). Each tiny home can be constructed for just $4,000 and built in one day, and they could be used as low-cost housing for the homeless or for those living in inadequate shelters.
Tiny homes are usually intended to be used as an interim step until permanent housing is found. These small structures are viewed as being a better option than having people sleep on the streets or in tents, especially during the cold and wet winter months. Tiny houses are not an “end all” solution, but they are a low-cost method for housing the homeless, at least on a temporary basis, and this is one approach that Cambridge, MA should consider using when addressing homelessness in the future.

CPA project funding can ne leverage with other sources of revenue to build more. Tiny Housing for the Homeless. This is tackling homelessness with meaningful resources.Everyone deserves safe and affordable homes. Homelessness is an Affordable Housing Planning issue, new construction and development from the ground up. Bring the homeless mosaic and sector on board with CPA Funding that helps to design the future of homelessness here in Cambridge, MA. CPA Funding has the socio-Economic power to steer the processes that will eventually end and eradicate homelessness.

In conclusion you will find some supporting documentation as attachments.
Yours In Peace,
Mr. Hasson J. Rashid

Concerned Citizen
Board Member Cambridge Continuum of Care ( CoC ).
Board Member The Alliance of Cambridge Tenants (ACT).
Producer and Host CCTV's Human Service News and Information TV Program
Citizen Journalist (Cambridge, MA Area).
Human Service and Legislative Advocate
Homelessness Advocate