My First CCTV Studio Production

My First CCTV Studio Production

Behind the scene at CCTV's studio

Here is a photo story documenting my first studio show. This year was my first time producing a studio show at CCTV. I also wanted to share photos documenting what goes on behind the scenes. It takes many hard working people to make a studio show. Without help of volunteers, I would not have a show at all.

My show didn't happen overnight. Over the years I've worked on shows like the Cambridge Calendar. I took the studio class four times. It wasn't until finishing the last studio class that I thought I would be able to pull of a show. The class had good chemistry. I was not going to let the opportunity go by. I asked three people from class to help. I also decided to go back to volunteering on shows to get more skills. I'm glad I did. In addition to helping me improve my skills, I got one more person to help on my show. As time went on, I faced some challenges. Some people answered that they weren't sure they could come help. The uncertainty of the word "try" is hard to hear as a producer. I wish people could just stay yes or no.

I spent many weeks worrying if enough people would show up. I needed people for jobs I didn't have the skill to accomplish alone. I wasn't trained to run a studio show entirely on my own. But I wouldn't leave myself to the hands of fate. Being a worrier, I make a contingency plans and booked a DSLR camera. That way, I would still be able to film the show by myself.

At CCTV you have to sign a contract to produce a show. I was determined to fulfill my contract. The day came and guess what? Everyone showed. I ended up with a large crew. What a relief. I couldn't believe I was able to pull this show off. Making the show was a good learning experience. I learned what I needed to prepare for my next show. I will go to go back to work on more crews. I still have much more to learn before my next show.