Getting in shape while fighting child homelessness

Getting in shape while fighting child homelessness

kettlebells4kids and Get in Shape for Women teamed up to host a creative way to raise funds and combat child homelessness

Get in Shape for Women, a Cambridge gym located at 1764 Mass Ave., hosted a fundraising event for kettlebells4kids this past Friday. Get in Shape for Women opened its doors to men and children for Bootcamp Challenges where participants worked out for 45-minute sessions at the gym while raising money for kettlebells4kids.

“We want to do our part to raise awareness and money [to combat homelessness],” says John Pecchia, co-owner and head trainer at the gym who helped organize the event. “The money we are helping raise goes toward [kettlebells4kids]’s Massachusetts chapters… and provides safe spaces and playgrounds for kids who do not have a home to exercise.”

The fundraising event provided an excellent opportunity for members of the gym to get involved with their community. The event offered a platform for participants to get a nice workout while also helping to actively combat and raise awareness of child homelessness. The atmosphere of the gym was warm and inviting. Get in Shape for Women fostered an incredibly communal environment for the event. Everyone involved, both participants and organizers, were genuinely excited about the mission of kettlebells4kids and about the event itself.

“I think [kettlebells4kids] is great! I think promoting the end of child homelessness is wonderful,” says Kate Giudice, who owns the studio and helped put together the event. The event ended up raising over $200 for the organization.

The Bootcamp challenge is a part of a six week collaboration between kettlebells4kids and Get in Shape for Women. Kettlebells4kids is collaborating with all 42 personal training studios associated with Get in Shape for Women.

kettlebells4kids is a Massachusetts-based, non-profit that constructs playgrounds for homeless shelters nationwide. They bring active play space, fitness equipment and healthy programs to homeless children living in shelters. These playgrounds help to build healthy, confident children in an otherwise stressful and strict environment. Funds raised in Massachusetts stay here to support shelters in the local community closest to the gym where the money was raised.

There are 2.5 million homeless children in America with the average age of a shelter resident being 9-years old. Of the 3,600 families across Massachusetts who live in shelters, the children rarely have adequate space to play. For more information about how to donate and help out, visit