From N.Y. Jazz like nothing anywhere:

From N.Y. Jazz like nothing anywhere:

Welcoming back from N Y drummer and composer Tomas Fujiwara presenting his Triple Double Band

Thursday, March 14, 2019 - 8:00pm

The Triple Double Band: Imagine the Jazz band with:

2 drummers (Tomas Fujiwara & Gerald Cleaver)
2 brass (Ralph Alessi & Taylor Ho Bynum)
2 guitars (Mary Halvorson & Brandon Seabrook)
As a full group…and as many combinations you want to imagine.

Like Nothing Else Around...World Class Musicians Convene

From All About jazz: “The symmetry and the evolving combinations gives Fujiwara as the composer varying textures and concepts to shape and explore. The result is an album that showcases the players as much as Fujiwara's compositional prowess, and together they are a potent combination”.
“Its music that sounds as unpredictable as it does inevitable. That's just the magic of drummer Tomas Fujiwara's work. Asymmetrical grooving in fifteen, puckered brass glances, winding horn melodies, and stormy ensemble assaults all follow as the (music) runs its course”.
“This group can be sliced and diced a number of different ways…Its daring music that leaves no doubt as to the veracity surrounding Fujiwara's place in the pantheon of left-leaning explorers leading the charge today”.
“The volatile twists of the leader's adventurous charts offer rich opportunities to explore the combinations inherent in the novel line up”.
Avant Music News: “The result is so percussive that I can still feel the reverberations in my chest after the album is over. Can’t imagine what this would be like live”.
Jazzda Gana: “His scores are provocative. It is works like this which make Triple Double the remarkably frenetic, yet subliminally lyrical and expressive albums of music from a drummer whose breathtaking pageant of skills make his works a compelling spectacle of polyrhythmic drumming”.
Dusted Magazine: “This record doesn’t really sound like anything else around. It’s big enough to contain volumes of interpersonal musical history, and intimate enough to make space for two people to melt into one sound unit in order to realize the composer’s intent”.

Short Bio:
Tomas Fujiwara is a Brooklyn-based drummer and composer, born and raised in Boston (student of the great Alan Dawson), an active player in some of the most exciting music of the current generation. His own bands are, Tomas Fujiwara & The Hook Up, The Tomas Fujiwara Trio, 7-Poets Trio and Triple Double who’s debut was on Best-of-2017 lists by NPR, The Village Voice, and All About Jazz among others
“Drummer Tomas Fujiwara works with rhythm as a pliable substance, solid but ever shifting. His style is forward-driving but rarely blunt or aggressive, and never random. He has a way of spreading out the center of a pulse while setting up a rigorous scaffolding of restraint...A conception of the drum set as a full-canvas instrument, almost orchestral in its scope.”

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