Cambridge,MA CPA Committee 2018 Funding Locks out Homeless and Tiny House (Villages).

Cambridge,MA CPA Committee 2018 Funding Locks out Homeless and Tiny House (Villages).

Cambridge, MA CPA Committee Rejected CPA funding for a Tiny House (Villages etc.) FOR THE Homeless, as Affordable Poverty Housing!

  • Posted on: 10 October 2018

Peace Be Unto You,

Dear Cambridge, CPA Committee 2018 Funding Locks out Homeless and Tiny House (Villages).

In light of the recent Community Preservation Act (CPA Funded Projects, in the City of Cambridge, MA, I would like to add that I don’t think that it, the CPA Committee has been fair towards the homeless segment, population, sector, and mosaic in our community, by denying to add creation of tiny house villages for the homeless to its questionable list of CPA funded projects. The Community Preservation Act (CPA) was created in 2000 by a state law (MGL Chapter 44B) to help cities and towns preserve the character of their community. The character of the community includes the whole continuum and trajectory, of affordable housing, in which the homelessness represents the lowest spectrum of it or the bottom rail. In the policy make up of the municipal government of the City of Cambridge, MA, homelessness is looked upon in several places as the highest priority or need to be address. Why then with this in mind, being an official aspect of the city’s official record, does the CPA Committee(2018) neglect the project possibilities of the creation of Tiny Houses (Villages) for the homeless?

Recently at the YIMBY Conference 2018 in Boston, I had the privilege to engaged in a brief chat with Mayor McGovern, one of the selected panel members, and he asserted that Vail Court was being demolished, and that he had acquire the funding to place a number of tiny houses on that location, once demolition was completed. This did sound strange to me since the CPA Committee had rejected CPA funding for a Tiny House Villages etc., as affordable poverty housing, in part to address the city’s growing obligation to address and eradicate homelessness.

There is a conspiracy to keep the money or funding away from initiatives that will directly address the affordable housing needs of the Extremely Low Income segments of our community. The CPA Committee and its local affiliated spawns are a part of this conspiracy. Nothing will they do for homelessness, but yet they will move on, fund and support affordable housing projects, in which homeless peoples will be unable to afford to move into. What does that sound like to you, I say the locking out of the Extremely Low Income from any domestic benefit in the social environment of Cambridge that pertains to supportive housing for the homeless.

Millions of dollars yearly are being diverted away from addressing below market rate homelessness housing construction here in Cambridge, and the CPA Committee rejection of allocating its fund towards the Creation of Tiny Houses (village) for the homeless is an excellent example of what I’m referring to. Cambridge you must wake up to what has been and still is continuing to go down right before your eyes, and that is part and parcel of poverty housing discrimination. BOTTOM RAIL UP!

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Thank You,
Yours In Peace,
Mr. Hasson Rashid
Cambridge, MA