More Than Classical Music + Microtonal Guitar Magic

More Than Classical Music + Microtonal Guitar Magic

A Special Contemporary Evening of Fresh New Music from Boston & Colorado

Friday, September 7, 2018 - 8:00pm

More than Classical, 1st set, 2nd set Microtonal Guitar Magic

String Theory Trio: “A strange and splendid synthesis of sound.” Boston Phoenix
“Bold and daring, Haverstick ventures into distant aural galaxies.” Guitar Player
From Boston and New Hampshire: The unique compositions, improvisations and concepts by
Mimi Rabson and
Mimi Rabson, 5 String Violin-Composer-Author- Educator -- Helen Sherrah Davies, 5 String Violin -- Junko Fujiwara, Cello

And, the 2nd set

From Denver, Colorado: The adventurous, unique and stellar Microtonal Guitar playing of
Composer, Author and Custom Guitars of alternative tunings: 19, 31, 34, 36-tone, including fretless, beyond western music’s 12-tone way.

String Theory Trio: Led by founder Mimi Rabson, one of the Boston area’s most valuable musical resources, and a Berklee faculty professor and author, The String Theory Trio explores the fine lines between compositions and improvisation.

“Great chops and attitude to match.” Washington Post
“…dazzling, violin phenom.” Boston Globe
“… aggressively eclectic and a master of every style she touches.” Bowed Radio
The presence of a framework of improvisation and rhythmic drive suggest jazz, but the ostinato patterns evoke a post-modern minimalism. Many musical elements are set, but even more are left up to the individual musicians, which gives the performance a different kind of excitement from most classical pieces. And (but not surprisingly), Rabson says she is in great debt to the free improvisation community, particularly Lawrence D. Butch Morris. Ms. Rabson is the newest composer/member of the Jazz Composers Alliance.
Neil Havestick:
“Haverstick nor Catler is just dabbling; they put microtones to more savvy uses than a lot of classical composers.” Village Voice
“…musician, critics and listeners see Haverstick as either a masterful contributor of new music or an abrasive and it irritating noise that won’t go away.” Westword
"Formidable fretboard chops and an affinity for the blues." – International Musician
“Neil has opened a door for students to go beyond the academics of playing into the purpose of music…to get the most out of themselves. A real book!” Joe Pass
In his own words: “(Also) playing Fretless Guitar presents many challenges, but allows me to find new horizons as a composer, including many subtle microtonal shades of colour, unavailable on a tempered instrument. The harmonic series is not an invention of humans, it’s part of the universal structure”.

The Creative Music Series (CMS) was established in January, 2015, to showcase the work of adventurous jazz musicians from out-of-state, presenting them in intimate venues in the Cambridge/Somerville area. My endeavor was a reaction to the apparent lack of invitations being extended to accomplished, new talent and even unknown musicians to the Boston area. CMS has now begun to zero in on Boston based musicians who are creating their own projects with these out-of-town guests, and taking these musical risks to find an expression and gain a wider appreciation.

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