The EMF Artists “Won’t Back Down”

The EMF Artists “Won’t Back Down”

"Hell no, we won't go"

It would be hard-pressed not use all the lyrics of the Tom Petty song “I Won’t Back Down” to define and describe the battle that the Cambridge Artist Coalition is putting up in their fight against eviction from the EMF building on Brookline Street.

In a world that keeps on pushin’ me around
But I stand my ground
And I won’t back down

Petty himself had several well documented and righteous fights in the name of art, as do the musicians and artists who are not giving up despite the undeniable outcome of this battle.

Well, I won’t back down
No, I won’t back down
You can stand me up at the gates of hell
But I won’t back down

It is astounding how casually people throw around the words “market” and “capitalism” as if those words represent a behemoth that we can’t somehow control yet controls those of us (whether we want it or not), who have a very different value system than money, money, money. Oh wait… Yup, even in Cambridge, which has been showing its true value system of late (ACLU Sues Cambridge), money trumps art.

No, I’ll stand my ground
Won’t be turned around
And I’ll keep this world from draggin’ me down
Gonna stand my ground
And I won’t back down

Tom Petty won the battles against his behemoth, the record labels, and in doing so; he forever changed the landscape, for the better, for all musical artists. The kids of EMF may end up doing just that for the artists of Cambridge. But for now, they are just a thorn in capitalist machine, steamrolling its value system over a once cool, invigorating, colorful city that used to have a seriously spiritual and artistic core.

Hey baby, there ain’t no easy way out
I won’t back down
Hey I will stand my ground
And I won’t back down