Hasson Rashid's Response to the Cambridge,MA City Council's Rejection of "First Rights of Refusal"

Hasson Rashid's Response to the Cambridge,MA City Council's Rejection of "First Rights of Refusal"

Low Income Subsidized Renters, and their Connection to the Right of First Refusal Trashed!

  • Posted on: 8 March 2018

Peace Be Unto You,

At last Monday's City Council meeting non of the speakers reflected on low income subsidized renters, and their connection to the Right of First Refusal. They or city council members had small landlords/developers anxieties.The council went along with these anxieties and voted against The Right of First Refusal, thereby trashing any concerns of our most vulnerable citizens/residents, many of which are federally subsidized in rents.The City Council should be officially investigated on this because a number of federal laws (civil rights etc.) were broken in favor of the anxieties and desires, of small landlords/developers. It's a shame the last decade of American housing politic has taught our local policy makers nothing, reflecting on the activities of last Monday night so-called honorable city hall meeting.

It didn't surprise me when the majority of City Council Members voted against the Right of First Refusal. Those Council members are full of it, first they come out in support of Residents/Tenants Ownership Rights,when they got opportunity to vote and officially support Residents/Tenants Ownership Rights, they resorted to trashing rights of the most vulnerable segments of our population. It doesn't surprise me at all because the city's policy makers instigated 40 T laws in the trashing of residents rights at Putnam Square 2 Mt Auburn Street, in the sale of Putnam Square Apartments to HRI by Harvard University falling under the state's Chapter 40T statute.They didn't debate or discuss how this can be done again in the future, I believe to placate and support small homeowners or developers, significant sources of contributions to their campaigns for election/reelection to municipal office.

Yours In Peace,
Hasson Rashid,