• Introducing CCTV Groups

Introducing CCTV Groups

Introducing CCTV Groups

  • Posted on: 23 September 2006
  • By: owner

Introducing our new CCTV Groups feature! In an effort to create more participation and more venues for our individuals in our community to connect to each other, we have rolled out this new service which allows anyone to create a private discussion group here on CCTV's website. It's a lot like those other group-like websites and has the same features. This means that you can open a group for anything from video production to bathroom cleaning, choose whether it's public, private or by invitation only, and have your own unique space to write and contribute and share. Very soon, you'll be able to post videos and other media within your group as well.

Start by looking over the groups or starting your own: CCTV Groups

We're still playing with this feature and you will certainly have more ideas about how to use it, so please send us feedback and we'll work to make this a valuable service on our website.