Hasson Rashid's Cambridge, MA City Hall Public Comment and Input (12/18/2017)!

Hasson Rashid's Cambridge, MA City Hall Public Comment and Input (12/18/2017)!

Cambridge Municipal Code 2.110 Should Insure Equal Access to Justice and Social Housing Inclusion for the Homeless!

  • Posted on: 19 December 2017

My Cambridge, MA City Hall Public Comment input will follow after I express a few things relating to the exclusion and marginalize of Cambridge’s homeless sector and mosaic. An update on the Sullivan Courthouse project and its parking needs, proposed to be met at the Cambridge City garage on First Street was on the council agenda(12/18/2017) for discussion. The Sullivan Courthouse redevelopment in East Cambridge has been on hold during a legal challenge to the validity of its special permit, which was granted in 2014 amidst considerable controversy. The legal appeal came to an unsuccessful conclusion in late November, and now the developer (Leggatt McCall Properties) is seeking to resume negotiations over the purchase of 420 spaces in the city garage on First St. The agenda item delivers the call to take appropriate action pursuant to Chapter 30B of the Massachusetts General Laws and Chapter 2.110 of the Cambridge Municipal Code. Chapter 2.110 of the Cambridge Municipal Code is being used to help support Leggatt McCall Properties in seeking to resume negotiations over the purchase of 420 spaces in the city garage on First St, which is across the street from the Sullivan Courthouse.

Chapter 2.110 of the Cambridge Municipal Code also directly and indirectly, pertains to the well being of the homeless sector and mosaic. This 2.110 municipal code should insure equal access to justice and social inclusion for the homeless, but unfortunately it is not being used in this manner, instead it is being used for the purpose of hoarding unused/underutilized public or city own lands, with an implication that the developer's proposal will lead to the greatest public benefit that can be obtained from the City property in question pursuant to Chapter 2.110 of the Cambridge Municipal Code. According to the Cambridge Continue of Care, and it 2015 Charrette on Homeless, need for creating homeless housing is the cities greatest benefit and priority, at least it should be.

The Foundry Building also or was underused/underutilized city owned property, setting idle for months on top of months. The city policy makers negated their roles and responsibilities to the homeless sector and mosaic, by trashing it promises to prevent, eradicate, and end homeless. This is now happening all over again this time with the city garage. These two parcels of city own properties are still collecting dust, while people are still being forced to sleep outdoors. This is social exclusion and marginalization of the homeless in the first degree, whether our city policy makers acknowledge it or not. The city policy makers for a second time according to my count instead of creating homeless housing on city own properties, chose to keep the homeless dispersed throughout the community at the mercy of the natural elements, instead of taking them in on city own properties. I feel that failure to make available and provide fair and affordable homeless housing opportunities on unused/ underutilized city owned land (facilities/property,etc.) is a serious violation of the civil and constitution rights of our homeless citizenry and residents, and serious violations of other laws, etc., insuring equal access to justice and social housing inclusion.

My December 18, 2017 Cambridge City Hall Public Comment is as Follows:

Peace and Sanity Be Unto Peace and Sanity Be Unto You,

Hello Everybody, I’m Hasson Rashid, I reside at 820 Massachusetts Avenue, my Public Comment is on CMA I#12, 8, and any other agenda item that relates to homelessness. I would like to take time thank all of those that voted and was instrument in electing “Critical Resource Kits for the Homeless ($50,000),” as one of the winning finalist. Thank you all. Despite that this small gain was secured for the homelessness, we can’t afford to rest or stop now, much more needs to be accomplished on behave of homelessness. I’m certain that more will be coming from your and my efforts in the upcoming year, that is constructive and positive work on behalf of our homeless citizens. Thank you again, We Can’t Stop Now!

I have in the past maintained in public comment here at Cambridge’s City Hall, in official municipal record that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts sale of the Sullivan Court House and the City of Cambridge’s part in it was and still is illegal. My grounds for this assertion can be found in the rules of the State’s Annual and Consolidated Plans mandated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development(HUD), as these documents pertain to the rights of the homeless sector and mosaic. The city also has similar responsibilities towards the homeless sector and mosaic laid out for it in it’s Annual and Consolidated federal Plans mandated by HUD. To intentionally or unintentionally deny and exclude homeless participation in government actives, having a direct and indirect, bearing on the future of the homeless segments of the community are a violations of local, state, and federals laws. Where can Undersecretary Crystal Kornegy’s of the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development(DHCD) input be found in the official public record in regards to the sale of the Sullivan Court House and the relating circumstance?

Chapter ,2,110 of The City of Cambridge Municipal Code (&e "Disposition Ordinance*'), also directly and indirectly pertains to the well being of the homeless sector and mosaic, if it is now being realized or not. First Street Garage, just like the Sullivan Court House, and the Foundry Building were underutilized for a while, and may still be, and they all could have been utilized in helping to prevent, end, and eradicate homelessness, according to the laws of the land. The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) resources mentioned in CMA Item # 8 and proposed uses, supports homelessness housing initiatives, as spelled out in the Annual and Consolidated mandated HUD plans.

To move forward in favor of Leggat-McCal] Properties in this leasing matter is another added act of exclusion of our homeless citizens and faith based sectors and mosaic

Yours In Peace and Sanity,
Mr. Hasson J. Rashid
Cambridge, MA 02139