"The Youth Media Program Will Help Me Change My Life"

"The Youth Media Program Will Help Me Change My Life"

Harry's Story

  • Posted on: 26 December 2017
  • By: Clodagh

Harry emigrated to the United States from Haiti in 2014, and joined the Youth Media Program in 2015. Initially, Harry was very shy and hesitant to speak in groups. Two years later, Harry is a changed man. He happily volunteers to present his work publicly, and has become a mentor to new participants who are struggling.

"The Youth Media Program helps me learn to work with people and create movies. It made me talk to new people and that made my English better.

I am most proud of my first video- the tennis video. It was very hard but I made it. When I made the movie, I put it on Facebook, my family-- my cousins, my aunts in
my country--saw it and said they were so proud of me. That I was speaking in English.

In the long term, the Youth Media Program will help me change my life. I never made movies in my country. I know how to make movies and use Final Cut. I can help other people when I go back to my country. I want to teach others and make a movie to share with others in my country."

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