Why You Should Support the Youth Media Program This Year

Why You Should Support the Youth Media Program This Year

The Youth Media Program is preparing high school students for careers in media and technology.

  • Posted on: 18 December 2017
  • By: Clodagh

Allison joined the Youth Media Program in 2015. In that time, Allison has worked independently and in groups, producing more than 10 films in a variety of genres-- music videos, documentaries and studio work. She has explored topics ranging from sleep deprivation to school safety to robotics. This summer, she participated in a two-week media intensive for returning students offered in collaboration with Emerson College. During the intensive, Allison gained experience directing and filming using professional equipment on the Emerson College sound stage-- an experience Allison believes will prepare her to work in the field.

"The Youth Media Program is a successful program because it is a way for teens in Cambridge to produce art and learn new skills. It is also a way to meet new people. Each semester is a different group of people. When the assignment is a group assignment you can learn teamwork skills while also learning camera and editing skills.

The Youth Media Program will help me in the long term because I am interested in film making and can use the skills I learned in the program at home and in the future. At Emerson College, I was able to try different positions on the sound stage that will prepare me for work in media."

Show your support for the work of Allison and other teens by making a donation to the Youth Media Program today.