• Tag Your Vlog, Get on CCTV

Tag Your Vlog, Get on CCTV

Tag Your Vlog, Get on CCTV

  • Posted on: 30 August 2006
  • By: owner

If you are a user of popular video blog websites then you can get your media published on CCTV's website automatically! In an effort to aggregate as much local media pertinent to Cambridge, we are experimenting with ways to automatically publish media about our community from other sources. For now, we will start with www.blip.tv and www.youtube.com.

Create your vlog media and post it on Blip or YouTube. Tag your entry with any terms you want but be sure to include "cctvcambridge" as one of them. This way your entry will automatically be listed on the RSS feed on CCTV's website. We'll frequently promote your entries as first class articles on our front page, especially if your vlog addresses community issues and topics or, well, even if it's just plain cool.

See how it works:

Watch as our system evolves to cover more vlog websites and services. If you have suggestions then please get in touch with us!