Hasson Rashid's City Hall Public Comment for 3/20/17!

Hasson Rashid's City Hall Public Comment for 3/20/17!

Inclusionary Zoning Affordable Housing isn’t Affordable for the local Very Low and Extremely Low Income Mosaic/ Sectors below 30% Median!

  • Posted on: 22 March 2017

Peace and Sanity Be Unto You,

Hello everybody, I’m Hasson Rashid, I reside at 820 Massachusetts Avenue, my Public Comment is on Community Report item# 5.

According to Inclusionary Zoning, Affordable Housing isn’t Affordable for the local Very Low and Extremely Low income mosaic and sectors, below 30% Median Income groupings. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts outdated zoning and planning statues, help to perpetuate and discourage, affordable housing for those segments of the population below the 30% median income level. For those below the 30% income level, Inclusionary Zoning’s Affordable Housing isn’t really Affordable Housing at all, but one of the ongoing causes of Homelessness. By restricting property uses, this type of zoning incidentally impedes low income housing opportunities for the homeless, and thus stands in the way of a solution to homelessness.

The government policy makers are partially at fault in their legislating of Inclusionary Zoning’s, Enabling Acts (40a,41). The resulting exclusionary zoning policies have played their part in limiting housing opportunities for the homeless. Rather than protecting the weak from the power of the strong, the poor from the exploits of the wealthy, the law is perverted.

I believe that the city or our municipal policy makers still have the power to plan housing for the below market rate homeless mosaic and sectors. The mark was missed once again to provide immediate redress for the homeless, those below the 30% median income levels, in addressing and discussions, of this Inclusionary Zoning petitioning and amending issues. One example of this is that the municipal zoning boards, etc., should have formed Grievance Committees, which included community members, in order to hear disputes regarding exclusionary ordinances, and provide necessary remedies at the local level. Hopefully the Land Use Partnership Act, currently being discussed on "Beacon Hill" will help if enacted into law. The modification of zoning enabling laws is only one method of creating permanent housing opportunities for the homeless

Yours In Peace and Sanity,
Hasson Rashid
Cambridge, MA

PS. I made a mistake in the second paragraph which is corrected now to 40A,41, from 40T.