For Interview- Hearing back Problems

For Interview- Hearing back Problems

  • Posted on: 28 July 2008
  • By: karma79

Hey Everyone,
It seems most of us have problem of hearing back from the person whom we emailed. Julie and i tried to contact Ralph Lopez and fortunately she could talk to him through phone and he is willing to give an interview but that is possible only after 3 weeks as he has to travel somewhere. Beside these two guys, it is quite hard to find another person who is against of the MIT-location.
Usually, when you make any documentary film, one has to have some kind of legitimate paper work or any brief notice from the production house is required to show when you approach people for interviews. I think just emailing people is not enough to convince. Anyway, that's what think. Yours views might be different.


Well I think it's good that we talked to Ralph and he is willing to give us an interview eventually. In terms of David, we may just not have accurate contact info. for him.

I think we may also be having problems due to people going on summer vacations around this period and being generally less available. Usually contacting people by email or phone works fine.