7. Insurance

7. Insurance


A. Equipment Insurance

CCTV’s equipment and facility insurance covers Members’ liability for damage and theft. In the event that equipment is stolen or damaged while being used by a Member, and the insurance company agrees to honor the claim, the Member is responsible for the $250 deductible payment. CCTV will cover half of the $250 deductible for any user who elects to pay a $5 self-insurance fee per use of portable, studio, or editing equipment, at the time of check-out. Members are required to pay the $5 self-insurance fee for any shoots outside of Massachusetts.

In order for the insurance company to honor a claim in the case of theft:
            1.  a police report must be filed
            2.  equipment cannot have been left unattended
            3.  there must be proof of forced entry, and
            4.  equipment must not have been left in a car overnight

In the event the insurance company does not honor a claim, it is the responsibility of the Member to reimburse CCTV for the full replacement value.

B. Personal Liability Insurance

CCTV Members working on their own field productions are not covered by CCTV's public liability coverage. CCTV Members injured while working on their own studio productions and  on CCTV-sponsored field or studio productions are fully covered by CCTV's public liability insurance. 

Note: A member of the general public who is injured on a CCTV-sponsored field production or in any studio production is covered by CCTV's public liability insurance.