Email to Mr. Ralph Lopez

Email to Mr. Ralph Lopez

  • Posted on: 22 July 2008
  • By: karma79

Hello everyone and mainly to the instructors,
I was talking about attorney David Hoicka who is one of the initiator to move the MIT-Nuclear Reactor from densely populated area of cambridge. His co-founder for that step is Mr. Ralph Lopez. I was trying to email them but i found only Ralph Lopez email and i email him about our project and the interview. However, i found David's phone number but i feel comfortable by emailing them. Anyway, here is their information or biographies. Both of them tried to run for State Senator and State Representative in 1998. However, they couldnt make it. You can also check the following email that i wrote. If you have any suggestion about the email, please let me know sooner. I might also need help if i have to talk to them through phone.
thanks guys.
PS: The picture is Mr. Ralph Lopez.

Ralph Lopez for State Senator

(Cambridge, East Boston, North End, Winthrop and Revere, Massachusetts)

· Writer

· B.A. Yale University, Economics and Political Science

· Long-time community activist on human rights, peace issues

· Board, Cambridge Civic Association

· Software marketing consultant

David Hoicka for State Representative

(Cambridgeport, Mid-Cambridge, Agassiz)

· Suffolk Law, M. Div. Boston University, S.B. MIT, Civil Engineering/Design

· Save Central Square! Citizenís Committee, Chairman

· Practice in housing and discrimination law

· Affordable housing advocate

Dear Mr. Ralph Lopez,
My name is Karma and i with other 15 people are working on a documentary short film about the MIT Nuclear Reactor. The film is basically for the community awareness of the MIT- Nuclear Reactor. It is being produced and presents under the Project Documentary of Cambridge Community Television located at Central Square.
Beside all the advantages of the MIT-Nuclear Reactor, there seemed to be cons side too. We are asking some resource personals for the interviews for our documentary film. Your participation will highlight all the great issues of having the MIT-Nuclear Reactor in such a densely populated area of Cambridge City. We are asking your support because you have been talking about the issues of having MIT Nuclear Reactor in such a populated area of Cambridge city. Please kindly respond me if you have time and any advice for us. We will be appreciated for your great support. I will look forward for your respond.
Thank You
Project Documentary Team.


Hey Karma,
I called David Hoicka this morning, since he was also the lawyer I was trying to get in touch with. (I'm assuming we both found the same phone number for him.) It went straight to voicemail, which was still his recording but who knows if that's still his number. I've heard (from Susan) that he might have moved away from Cambridge. Will probably try to call one more time at a different time of day if I don't hear back, and I can try Ralph Lopez too if we can find a number for him.

p.s. if anyone thinks this conversation should be kept off the blog I might agree...

Ralph is, or was, a CCTV member. His info is in the database.