Attaching videos to your blog

Attaching videos to your blog

  • Posted on: 17 July 2008
  • By: owner

I'm trying out a new video embedding feature on our blog posts. There is a handy plugin for our website that makes it possible to attach videos from Blip and YouTube directly to our blog posts, and automatically embed them into the body of the post. It's pretty neat.

I chose this interesting promotional piece from the Cambridge Educational Access station about using the Cambridge Public Library as nice example of attaching videos to your blog

If you are a registered user then you can now post videos within your blog just by copying and pasting the address of the video you want into a field on your blog entry form. This started because our upcoming Videoblogging Production would like to use our website to teach video posting concepts, but it could have a much wider and cooler impact on all of our CCTV site users. We'll try this out for a while and see what the results are.


So, just to clarify: if people want to include videos in their CCTV blog, they need to first upload the video via Blip or YouTube instead of directly through our site?

Well, this is not a site wide solution for posting video to your blog. But it is a helper step to avoid pasting in sloppy embed code from third party providers - as we have seen, sloppy embed code can really break our site.

There are a couple of individuals who regularly post videos from Blip (youth programs, project doc classes, gallery videos, etc) and combined with the needs of the upcoming videoblogging class I think this is a good compromise. At least until we can nail down a method for hosting our own video properly.